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2023 Pop Century
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Originally posted by Raven:
Black Friday sale on Leaf website has Decadence boxes at $799.99,

Do you know i'm fairly confident i could buy gold cheaper than trading cards these days.

Come, it is time for you to keep your appointment with The Wicker Man.
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Originally posted by wolfie:
Do you know i'm fairly confident i could buy gold cheaper than trading cards these days.

A gold collector, what a radical idea. Big Grin

Seriously I think the situation with Leaf bears watching, as it kind of reminds me of a similar exit done by Inkworks a dozen or so years ago. Nobody seems to really know what happened right now, except that Leaf has announced new ownership by some new entity.

The fact that Decadence boxes are still available on Leaf's website as of yesterday, means that they did not sell out to the big or little guys. Gray has high tailed it out of there, although someone on Blowout says he opened another company under his name. That could just be gossip, I don't know.

The thing nobody is talking about is what's in the vault? How much inventory may be involved in the sale? How much merchandise, especially autograph cards, are they holding? But also what does the sticker inventory look like, and who has it, if it exists?

These stickers are the autographs, and they can go anywhere, although there may be a question of who is guaranteeing authenticity if someone other than Leaf's successor starts attaching them somewhere.

Finally, there is the impact on Leaf's customers. Both those dealers and bulk buyers who are part of the distribution process and regular card collectors of recent product have to see if the market for Leaf products is affected.

There is a lot to unpack here and not a lot of information at the moment because everything happened so fast, and right after the highest retail priced, autograph based non-sport product dropped too.
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