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Who are you?
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I thought this would be a good idea since we have quite a few new people in our "family" - If we posted who/where we are (concisely) and a bit about what we collect and the state of our collections - it would greatly help each other with trading and just plain relating to each other in a card sense...

Ok, Ill start:

My names Dan and Im a card-o-holic...

(Whoops wrong group)

Im Dan a 31 year old computer tech from Warwick RI USA - I collect mainly Sci-Fi and Disney cards and promo cards and sell sheet but I have been know to grab wierd stuff from time to time

My collection has grown from a few Star Trek cards about a year ago into a giant 6 headed monster. My total number of sets is probably around 100 to 150 - total number of promo cards is somewhere around 1500 (that is not including the ones files with their respective sets)
I recently started on Sell Sheets and have around 40 or so of those. I graduated from packs to boxes about 3 months ago and this is just getting worse (I dont think DisneyChick will let me buy cases - yet)!

Hope this helps you all get to know the cardoholic in me smile

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Well first of all I must start by thanking Harris for reviving this thread. I joined the board in June, and somehow missed it. With that said I will introduce myself.

My name is Willie. I am a 40 year old, self-employeed cabinet maker/comedian(and feeling rather simple compared to all the inteligent tech types here). I have been in woodworking for over 20 years, and self-employeed for over 13. As noted, I also do stand-up comedy, part time. I have been doing comedy for about 7 years now. I have worked in 14 states and appeared in a couple local independent movies. I am married 20+ years(ya to the same woman, I cant beleive she kept me around this long). We have 2 kids 19 and 17.

I have had collections of some type, for as long as I can remember. In my youth, it was matchbox cars(which were stolen), and Spiderman Comics(which my mom threw out when I moved out). In high school, it was knives, which I sold to pay rent in my 20's. Then came baseball cards, which I sold to help with down payment on a house. Next was Magic(CCG) cards, which I sold when Wizards really ticked me off by reintroducing rare out of print cards.

My current collections include Zippo lighters(I have over 100)Hallmark Christmas ornements, and Hard Rock Cafe Pins. The latest is obviously NS cards. I have always liked cards and sets of things. The NS part grew from my love of movies and TV. I never realized how much there was out there until I bought 2 packs of Spiderman the Movie cards(I just wanted to catch a sneek peek of what was coming). That led to several packs, and that to a box, and that to Star Wars ATOC. Now I am completely hooked. When I couldnt complete my sets, I went to the local card shop and discovered a magizine called Non-Sport Update. I found the Card Talk page in the mag, and loged on. The rest is history.

If you can laugh at will always be happy.
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Norberto Costa and I live in London, UK. I have been collecting for the past 3 years or so when I saw some cards from the Shocking Laffs/Shock Theater set at a friends house and it brought back all the memories of my childhood. These cards are from the late Hammer Horror films and used to scare the hell out of me when I was young. I hit ebay and was able to build up a near complete set of the UK cards (missing 1 card) and now thanks to NSU and the price guides I am now aware of the US set and building that set up (as well as looking for the missing card for UK set smile).
I also found Star Wars cards on ebay (again a card I had as a kid) and got totally hooked. So now I have a range of cards from early A&BC (Battle cards), Bubbles Inc (Outer Limits) and Topps Vintage to new stuff like Sleepy Hollow, POTA, Star Wars AOTC and of course Lord of the Rings.
I only recently found online trading (even though I work in computing) and am having fun there trading with USA, New Zealand and China. I only recently thought of looking on the NSU site for a forum for trading and hope to trade here, but have been getting the magazine for nearly 2 years on and off.
I want to go to one of the Big US shows one day (probably Philly show as I have friends out there two birds one stone smile ) but need to make sure I go with enough money as I am sure I will go a little spend crazy.
Anyway hope to participate on these forums more in the future.

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hi all,

my name is Liam Flynn, im from Liverpool in England.

Im 16 years old and have been collecting cards since i was 8 or 9, i started off with wwf, jurasic park, football, simpsons and star wars.
when i was 10 i had thousands but threw them away. i read the lotr book when i heared the film was coming out, found a box of cards in a shop and had to get them.

i also collect 1/6th scale action figures: Dragon, bbi, gijoe and 21st. I filled the fotr just recently after doing a few trades, i heard bad things about trading but i have found it to be really good.

i recently got an apprenticeship in heating and ventilating so that means more cards can be bought.

"liam" cool
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I am Scott, 29 years old, married.
I am a QC inspector at a company that makes the machines that companies buy to put labels on their bottles.

I don't really do the collecting, my wife does. But there are a few things I like such as Groo comics LOTR stuff, and I have my old Magic cards and D&D books stashed away somewhere!

The Master

There are three kinds of people in this world, those who can count and those who can't.
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I love DISNEY im a CHICK and 74 was the year I was born.

big grin

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Contest Czar
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My name is Barrett. I am 27 years old and married with one son(2 3/4). I have been married for 9 years.
My wife and I went to community college together. We both Graduated with A.A degress. She later graduated from Millsaps College(a private college) with a Masters in Counseling. I went to work. She and I both enjoyed this arrangement even if she sometimes prods me to go back!
I have worked in my family's wholesale hardware business since I was 15. I am currently running the show-operations manager, Warehouse manager, staffer, and when needed fork lift operator, janitor(nothing boost employees ego more then seeing the boss clean the toilet!). Ah, the fun of running your own business.
Anyway, The first cards I ever purchase were Marvel Famous Covers II from COmic Images. My mom started me off with Star Wars The Empire Strikes back Series II. It took me a while to start buying cards on my own!
OVer the years, I moved from Comics, to Nonsportcards, to comics, to nonsportscards. Pretty much now I am a non-sports card guy. My comics days are basicly over.
I have several pieces of original comic art as well. Mostly James Robinson's Starman run and Swamp thing pages.
My son keeps me busy most of the time. smile
Hopefully, I will have an opportunity to trade or meet some of you in the future!

[This message was edited by barobehere on December 03, 2002 at 12:00 PM.]
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My name is Michael, and I have been a non-sports card collector since 1988, right now my collection is around 165 sets. My favorite cards right now seem to be the Metal Cards put out by Collect A Card and Metallic Impression. I am slowly building sets in this area. Like most people here I am married and have one child (3 years old). I am currently working for a Theatre company in Southern Utah, going on 6 year now, and I love it. I really started collecting a lot of cards when I worked for a toy liquidators store in Southern Utah, and most of my collection came from this employment, of course my wife was not to thrilled about it and to this day still does not understand why I am collecting, she does give me an allowence of $50 a month so I have to be creative in the ways I spend my money, thanks goodness for the internet and email.
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Hi everybody. My name is Chris Verdecchia (pronounced ver-dek-`ia). I've spent most of my life saying my last name for people (LOL). I'm 31, engaged, and am a regional manager for a small (40 unit) restaurant company based in northern Virginia.

I've been collecting on and off for 25 years. I started out with baseball & football when I was a kid. Then Star Wars came out, and I was hooked. Unfortunately my original sets are lost/destroyed. In highschool & college, I got into comic books-I'm a BIG Batman fan. Then about 10 years ago, I got back into Non-Sport Cards. I collect comic (Batman, X-Men, Creator's Universe, Razor, Darkchylde, etc.), movie cards (my favorites are my original Crow set, any Star Wars and LOTR), and some art cards (I loved the latest Dawn Set). I do most of my buying, selling and trading on-line, but wish that wasn't the case. I go to the Philly show, and hope to meet some of you there this year. roll eyes roll eyes big grin big grin wink wink
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I hope no one minds that I'm bumping this up, but no one has posted here for awhile and we have had a lot of new members join or start posting in the past few months. I'd like to invite them to share both here and the "are you married" and "secret identies" threads. Please and thank you.
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HI, I'm Charleen and a happy 30.
I got into collecting the odd way through ebay. I wanted to get this Michael J. Fox autograph signature(4 way cool items-not cards)they were auctioning off for charity. The price got way to high for me so I started looking at other actors I might could afford their autograph. I came across Sean Astin's Topp's auto card from FOTR and I got hooked. I didn't buy it,in fact I still don't have that one. I waited and started to collect the new TTT stuff.

I collected the entire set of TTT finished it today.The only auto I didn't pull was the Sean Astin (go figure) Bought him from ebay to finish the set!!!

My husband and I got way more into it than we planned. We have 3 kids. I am a at home mom. However,I think the title should be "drive them everywhere mom" I am always taking a child to dance, soccer, baseball or some sport like that.

I also have some Disney cards Beauty & the Beast. The whole family loves anything disney.We've been to WDW 3 times, even did the honeymoom thing there! Also going again this spring break to see our daughter and her dance company perform at WDW.

My son is into Pokemon and this years big hit Yu-Gi-Oh cards. My husbands dove right back into card collecting. Since I've started this fall, I have been hunting the Ebay boards for those cards I love. I ended up with the Frightners card set instead of that Michael J. Fox autograph and a love for card collecting!

I picked the baby face for my youngest who will be 1 1/2 this month!

Here's to collecting. Starting on ST Nemesis cards and FOTR cards.


Act your way into right thinking or was it think you way into right action.-unknown "BE GOOD"
Charstar* Go for what you know!!!
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Hello, Is it me your looking for.......
Sorry , That's the Lional Richie guy.
Name: Michael
AGE: 32
Rank: Father of Three & Loving Husband
Serial#: 5 boxes of Raisin Bran
Work: I play for DISNEY. Have a Magicial Day!:D
Married: Yes! to charstar.
Card Collector: Since 1970's Whenever the first star wars movie came out. Waited in line, first day, first showing . Line ended up wrapping building two times. But I was one of the first 5 and got Blue Promo cards while waiting in line!;)
Parents: Made us sneak in cups(not bottles or cans)of coke in our jacket sleeves. Also my mom brought big purse with popcorn and candy (I'm the youngest of seven)So buying stuff would have cost a small fortune.
Likes: Pina Colada's getting caught in the rain.... Then I get a cold and i'm sick half a day.
Music: Weird AL songs!
Other likes: I like to travel.Seen Yellowstone, geysers, Disney World, Mesa Verde, Alabama/Auburn football game!!, Grand Cayon(Sidestory: My brother and I started to take pictures of us pretending like we were falling into the cayon this happened to be where poeple on the trail could see us. While I was holding onto the edge of a rock a lady crested the hill and almost had a heartattack as she screamed, "He's gonna fall!!" just then I stood up on the rock and she was releaved!)

WEll that's who I am...

See Ya soon!!:cool:

"I would rather slit my wrists with a rusty spoon and do push-ups in salt water."

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Another couple!!!! Yay smile

Welcome to our little family Char and Iron smile
Dont let some of the recent postings scare you away - this is really a great place to come and post and trade smile

"When our friends start killing people, we help them, thats what we do" - Xander, Buffy the Vampire Slayer 10-22-02
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Hey, what a great place to introduce myself!!

Hi, I'm Ella, and I love collecting non-sports cards, so that's why I'm here! wink

I'll be 26 next month, still single and I am a library assistant.

I guess I started collecting in elementary school with Garbage Pail Kids cards. Unfortunately I no longer have any of my original Garbage Pail cards, and my collecting sort of hit an impass for a while- but when ST:Voyager came out, I started collecting again, and once I entered college, my collection really started to take off. I only have between 40-50 sets (complete and incomplete) but I'm working on making my collection bigger! big grin

I can't believe how long it took me to find you all-I heard about NSU almost a year ago, came across a magazine in July, found the website a few months later, and now I've finally joined the forum! I look forward to taking part in your discussions. smile
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Welcome Ella

- You'll find this site a wealth of knowledge and a friendly community of non-sports card collectors. We've got a contest currently running, with 3 prizes this time around. Just pop on over the ANNOUNCEMENTS section and click on CONTEST 12/10/02. The contest ends when our Contest Czar (or Czarina), Over_Worked_Mom validates and announces the winners. Good Luck and Welcome. big grin

@@@ ScottEvil cool

" I'm not really Evil, I'm just named that way. wink "
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Welcome, and you've come to the right place!

"If you really want something in this life, you have to work for it - Now quiet, they're about to announce the lottery numbers!"
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Well, I've started to search for trader at "NSU's Cards Talk" afew weeks ago, but I'm collecting ST cards since 1996 - and here in Brazil! OK, now I'm looking for Simpsons and LOTR, too...

Yes, we do received many cards collections, but it´s getting hard to find traders - and cards at comic shops - a couple of years, so... Here I am !

Of course, I have to mention Barrios, Dan, Mike(OOps,TK421) and many others friens I made here!

Thanks again, folks!
P.S.: Sorry, sometimes I make some mistakes with the English writing! big grin
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Sidnei is a great trader - just be forewarned - mail to Brazil takes a little while longer than normal international mail traffic (although Australia is probably the longest!)
But his packs well and I experienced zero issues smile

Thanks Sidnei!

"When our friends start killing people, we help them, thats what we do" - Xander, Buffy the Vampire Slayer 10-22-02
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Thank you for the words!

That's rigth, we have already trade a set of Star Trek cards and everything went fine!

We will keep searching for the cards!
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Belated welcome, Sidnei!
Au Res.,

Sometimes, one pack is not enough...
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