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Who are you?
Picture of dru'sgarden
posted Hide Post name is Michelle.

*waves to everyone Smile

I'm 34 and I've been collecting cards for over 20 years......*Oh my God, that makes me sound SO old. It's all my mother's fault. She got me started with Star Wars and E.T. and the list goes on and on. Now, I focus on Star Trek, Buffy, Angel, Charmed, and the X-Files. I'm also trying to finish some misc. sets.

*HEY...Anyone got Fangoria #42 ?????

I don't buy boxes often......just every once in awhile. Lately I've been spending close to $50. a week on packs, and that's NOT counting what I spend on Ebay. I haven't gone crazy there. I've been pretty good. I LOVE trading on this site Smile

I LOVE Jose Canseco, and have over 200 of his cards, all different. He's a baseball player.....WAS a baseball player......and he is GORGEOUS!!!!!! He's the only sports player I collect. I've been collecting his cards close to 10 years, I'd say. I just think he's absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!

Yes, I'm obsessed......I can't help it. HE'S GORGEOUS!!!!!!!

+ addicted to cards +
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Picture of Rincewind
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Well what can i say...

My name's Ian and like everybody else on here, i just don't seem to be able to stop collecting cards. I've been collecting for about 15 years and will collect anything for the right price.I do however tend to specialise in A&BC cards and am trying to collect every set they issued in near mint condition (i'm about a third of the way there but its getting a lot harder!)

I do have plenty of other cards including many Brooke Bond tea cards (If anybody want some, e-mail me i have duplicates of most but can't gaurantee the condition).

I haven't got many modern sets, only about 30-40 and I never bother geting the chase or promo cards. Not sure why, but probably because there is nowhere close that sells them!.

Thats about all I have to say. Hopefully i made be able to trade with some of you fine people in the future Thumb Up
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Okay, what is A&BC??

Dobby: still a guy, even though my avatar is Chloe
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Okay, what is A&BC??

Dobby: still a guy, even though my avatar is Chloe

A&BC is the abbreviation for American & British Chewing Gum Company - the UK issuer of Topps cards. They issued many sets between 1953 and 1974, some of which were the same as the Topps issues(Civil War News, Batman, Beatles etc) but they were slightly smaller in size. They did also issue some original series such as the 1969 set of Star Trek as well as many soccer sets.

Because these cards were issued in smaller numbers than Topps, they are normally harder to get hold of and more expensive (for the same sets anyway)

So if you get hold of any maybe we can do a trade at some time.
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Picture of Joe McKinney
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I'm new here and this thread looks like a good opportunity to introduce myself.

My name is Joe. I'm 38 years old and am still single. I am an ordained minister in the United Methodist Church. I am originally from Florida and now reside in south Alabama where I am the pastor of a U.M. Church. My avatar, the red cross on a white field, is the state flag of Alabama.

When I was kid in the '70's I collected Wacky-Packages, and later Star Wars cards. A few of these cards and stickers have survived and are in my collection today.

Years later, when I was a student in seminary, I began collecting Star Trek sets. I always tried to get the promos for my sets, and I always saved the promos that were inserted in the card magazines I bought. Later I started buying promos from other sets. Eventually I stopped buying sets, and for the last few years have focused exclusively on promos.

In addition to trading cards I also enjoy antique cars. I have a small collection of die cast models, and I also collect original dealer postcards of Studebaker cars and trucks.

I have been an NSU subscriber for several years and was encouraged to join this forum by Kevin (Kennywood). We've recently done some promo trading. I look forward to being a part of this community.
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Okay, I'm next.

My name is Todd Frye, I live in Harrogate TN (on the map where KY, TN, and VA meet); I'm single and work at home in medical billing. I'm mainly a comic collector but have decided to get back into cards.

I was one of those kids back in the day who started with the original Star Wars blue card set and started collecting lots of other stuff from there. I got to where I had dozens of doubles and would have little 'wars' with the characters on them. Later when I went to high school I lost/got rid of everything (stupid, stupid, stupid).

Well, now I'm back. I've made a few eBay purchases this week and hope to buy some boxes soon (nearest card shop is 50+ miles away in Knoxville). I'm mainly interested in older sets but I'm really interested in the new LOTR and AOTC sets.

I've been reading many of the posts on this message board and everyone here seems very nice and reasonable (unlike some online comic boards!). I hope I can trade with some of you in the near future.

This message has been edited. Last edited by: toddfrye,

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Who am I?????????? that a good question

I AM A COLLECT O HOLIC is there a cure?Confused
My name is Ben Baker,NUS Card Master,AKA PSM
I am 43 years of age i live in PA now use to live in N.Y. and been collecting every thing for years.
I like reading comic books, watching cartoons, SIFI, x-files, buffy, charmed, smallville, trying to make sets of cards ,collecting all kinds of promos,sport, non-sport, Magazines ,old glass,stamps, coins ,old Furniture, old lamps, ect.

I use to call my self a packrat and a couch potato.( bag of chips in one hand and the remote in the other)

The wife watches the same tv shows as i do .This way at least we do not fight over the tv remote.
(you know who ever has the tv remote has the power) She has some of the same hobbys as me like cards.She saves them for the pritty pic's. on them.

I save everything and I am getting worse.
are there any groups for A Collect O' Holic., ??
If so I would join. ( I HAVE A PROBLEM)
I go to stores to look for promos.I have people looking around for me.I even got my mom looking around in her state.My sister in her state.
People give me all kinds of things.
Every time a friend stops by they always say look what I got for you and do you have this.

There has to be a cure?Confused???

from Ben B
NSU Card Master
AKA PSmokin'M
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Picture of DaveSB
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Ok.. Here goes,

My names David (as im sure you already guessed) im a 33year old IT Manager from Hertforshire in England. I started collecting young with the original Star Wars card.. only wish I knew what I did with them all!!

Now I collect all sorts.. Trek , Stargate, Charmed, Xena, Buffy, LOTR, Red Dwarf, Autograph and costume card ect. I now have to many cards they are everywhere.

I also help out a friend (a full time card dealer) at his shop and at local fairs so I also get to collect promo's and sell sheets (very cheaply) and now buy cards by the box and case.

thats enough from me.

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Hi Everyone! I'm Eddie and I am 35 (36 on Feb 10).

I have been a non-sport card collector for as long as I can remember!
I collect lots of other things as well. Next to Non-sport cards, my passion is collecting music memorabillia (KISS being my absolute favorite) and Star Wars.
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Picture of Wendi
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Hi Wave I am new to this site and this is my very first post! I am a mother of two teenagers and started collecting sports cards for my son when he was a little boy. We then got into all the Batman and Superhero cards. We use to go to a lot of shows/conventions and he use to love it, now he is not too interested anymore.

I have been an autograph collector since I was a little girl and started collecting cards very recently. My first set was the Hollywood Walk of Fame cards which I am working on getting all autographed. I sure wish they would come out with an updated set! Next I got into The Osbournes because I think they are so funny.
I am still learning what's available, where and how to acquire new and old sets.

I am not looking to be a "huge" card collector but I will definately collect anything I like.
Apart from autographs and cards, I collect Barbies and Department 56 villages.
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Picture of steelydan
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Welcome Wendi!!!! Wave
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Hello, My name is Barbara. This is my first post. I collect Star Trek only. I started out 3 years ago with the Decipher Star Trek CCGs and have completed all sets. I'm listed under the GAB Traders group, V Adm Bac, Starlight Blue Team.

I also collect the non-sport Star Trek, 1998 to the present. I especially like to collect the autographs and have quite a few extras.
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Welcome Barbara Big Grin

Like you, I collect the Star Trek CCG as well as non sport card. I found though that my pocket couldnt keep up with Deciphers releases so I havn't bought the CCG cards for some time now.
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Picture of Ruby
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Hi, I guess this is the best subject to start with in Card Talk as this is my 1st posting! Wavey My name is Lisa, I'm 23, I work for a well known stationery and book store in the UK. I collect trading cards and other stuff to do with LOTR, XENA and BUFFY as well as sets from other TV shows and films. I started collecting trading cards about 4 years ago, back then I didn't bother with the chase sets, I wish I had now! Anyway, it's time to see what else is going on in Card Talk! Thanks, Lisa Thumb Up
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and any other new members I may have missed Smile

Welcome to our little family of collectors and traders Smile

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Seem to getting a lot of new members from Blighty.

Welcome, everyone (even those who don't live here Big Grin)
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Hi everyone,

I've been here for a few months and kept meaning to introduce myself, but kept forgetting. Anyway here goes.

I'm Lesley as you can tell from my i.d. Big Grin, I've just turned thirty - tries to type this with hand over mouth effect, but it doesn't seem to have worked Roll Eyes. I'm a female Lesley not a male, in case you were wondering.

The first set I ever collected was the Fleer Ultra X-Men '95 set, which I thought had some beautiful images, and must admit I went a bit crazy trying to complete the set. This was before I knew about buying boxes or anything and I got the whole set from packets, I must have bought hundreds, though I ended up sending away to Panini for the Rogue team card I just couldn't get it. This was while I was heavily into the X-Men comics, though after the Onslaught saga I stopped getting them, but I thought the Age of Apocolypse was a great storyline.

After my interest in the comics faded so did my interest in cards, I had a few other partially collected sets and had also bought the Buffy season one set, but I stopped collecting.

Then a few years ago I started watching a tv show about a warrior and her bard sidekick Big Grin, and I've been sucked back into the hobby with a vengeance. Its funny because at the time my friend who only collects Xena said 'why don't you just get the basic sets?', and I told her that if I started collecting again I would go mad and have to try to get everything - I was right. Big Grin

Apart from Xena which is my favourite of everything I collect and the sets I am trying hardest to complete, I also collect Charmed, Alias,Angel,Lord of the Rings, cards from tv series and films that I have really enjoyed. Since being here I've been reintroduced to Buffy and am trying fill out my collection. Thank goodness I never got rid of the Season 1 set.

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Hi, I'm Bob and I collect Bazooka Joe comics. For now I'm just seeing if I can do this right (post that is)!
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Welcome Bob!! Enjoy the world of non-sports cards and the wonderful people here.

Happy Stargating!
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Since I've become rather addicted to this forum (yes, I'd better post in that thread, too), I felt compelled to do a little bit here.

I'm a thirty-something who collected a lot of comics, sports cards, and non-sport cards as a kid. I had some pretty good stuff--complete Star Wars original Topps set AND issues 1-6 of Marvel comics, many hundreds of bronze-age DC and Marvel (Batman, Spidey, Conan, Supes,, Mickey Mantles, Hank Aaron's, etc. Yes, I let all those glorious gems go (most of them from my brother's garage which I'd mistakenly considered a safe storage haven).

A few years ago I started collecting comics again, after I spotted a Giant Size Spider-Man v. Shang Chi (circa 1974, and an early addition to my original collection) in a comic shop window, and a wave of nostalgia struck. That led to a collecting frenzy which eventually led me back into the non-sport card market.

My original re-entree into cards was via James Bond, as I collect a great many things 007. But as of now, I'm also very into Tomb Raider, Alias, Charmed, and getting into Buffy (which is overwheming due to the sheer number of sets/cards. I am quickly becoming a junkie. I have a bit of completist tendency, but that's EXPENSIVE! So I've decided to prioritize somewhat. I like base sets, chase sets, autos, costume cards, and promos. But sometimes a given set will leave me flat.

Long live non-sport cards!
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