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Secret Identities
Silver Card Talk Member
Picture of angelchick182
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Once again, catching up on some old greatest hits threads that I haven't posted on before. For my name - the 'angelchick' part has always been a screen name for me for various forums even before Angel became it's own spin-off, I was a fan of the character of Angel on Buffy. The 182 part comes from my being a fan of the band Blink182, and the fact that 'angelchick' alone is usually taken. Smile

"We live as though the world were as it should be, to show it what it can be." --Angel, "Deep Down"
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KADRAN 00157 was an idea by me, KADRAN being a fantasy character for a novel I started writing, boy I never got to finish it lol
00157 was like a spoof on 007....
007 was always lucky with the ladies.....
00157 is lucky with the cards Angel

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NSU Writer
Picture of Don Norton
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I'm the only one among you who doesn't have a secret identity! I first came to Card Talk during one of those periods when my creativity was low. So I used the first name that came to me.
It has it's pros and cons, people see my name in NSU, on Card Talk and usually I get mentioned some how in the Wrapper. But now I can't go out in public without being besieged by autograph seekers.

If I had it to do over again, I'd call myself "Mouse Slayer". We had this thing with the mice, and the crawl-space and the glue traps, and well, Mouse Slayer is appropriate.
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Picture of Perfect Blue
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Lol! What a great thread smile
I wish i could say my name was to do with mice and glue... wink
Sadly i just nicked it from the title of my fave anime movie.
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Picture of Dune
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Dune is mine because I watched Buffy since the begining, and was quite young when it started, and I made up my own charactor, a boy called Dune, who was sent from the powers that be to help Buffy when she needed it most (the devil was going to attack her and her friends, so naturally I was drafted in to help.) And I carried on creating my own story lines up after each episode, with me in and then by season 4 I realised it was time to leave.. I bid my fairwells to the scooby gang and went back to England (my birth place) and there I still live, but I am going to enter Angel soon. Ah the wonders of my imagination... So that's where my name is from..
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Picture of HalliwellManor
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Well, our name is Halliwell Manor because we have a (very poor and outdated) Charmed fan site called the Halliwell Manor and as we use the e-mail address attached to the site we decided to call ourselves Halliwell Manor. Our real names are Vickie and Sarah (we're sisters!).
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Picture of Dune
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Hi, Halliwell sisters smile
It's Charlie from the yahoo group smile
I sent you an e-mail about card #68!
Check your mail!
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Picture of H_Toser
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Mr. Wood (I mean Kevin):

What a great idea for a thread. I wish I had something substantial to add but alas, nothing! Hope we get some more interesting stories. That means you Quant1, angeleyes777, Jennycat, Stcardgeek, etc.!

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I pretty sure my name is sorta self-explanatory if you listen to my blather long enough...Star Trek Card Geek. Some people think I'm impuning (is that a word???) card collectors by calling myself a geek, but I don't think so (and it's TREKKIE, thank you, not Trekker!!!) I use the name nearly everywhere, except currently on my own auctionne, where I now use archer4me..cause..well, I gotta thing for the Captain smile ))) stcardgeek had to be retired cause..imagine can't list more then 10,000 items before the auctionne gets stuck....and I listed 10,000 items in like two years or so, I think???? Which just PROVES the geek part if you ask me smile )))) If it's not Trek, I'm allergic to it, break out in hives the whole works.....and it may not be the best business model in the whole world, but I only sell Trek, too. If Rittnehouse starts allocating the amount of Trek boxes someone can purchase based on the past orders of all their other box orders, I'm screwed smile ))
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Picture of spidergoblin
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Great idea,I have pondered the same question about certain nicknames.Mine is a combination of my favorite comic hero Spider-Man & one of my favorite comic villains Green Goblin.Hence spidergoblin.
I also use surferghost on yahoo a combo of Silver Surfer & Ghost Rider.
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Picture of mtlhddoc2
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ahhhhhh, the origin of my name, well, this name is old and storied, I have used this name on AOL and Yahoo for over 6 years. I originally tried to get MetalheadDoc, but it was too long, So i took out the vowels, alas, someone had that too! so I added the 2. I am an old school 80s metalhead (Iron Maiden, Ozzy, Motley Crue etc) and my nickname in high school(gawd that was a long time ago!) was Doctor D (my first name is Dan) hence Mtlhddoc2. Maybe not original, but I ran the BBS route in the 80s with the name Telor and that pretty much stunk as far as a screenname.
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Picture of Quaint1
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You want interesting? Well, ok, but I don't think mine is that interesting!
First, however, a riposte - it's TREKKER not TREKKIE!!!!!

Quaint1. Well, it's a nom I've used on a variety of bboards and mailing lists for quite a few years now. The explanation: one of my favourite authors is E.F.Benson who is, perhaps, best remembered for his ghost stories (he was a contemporary of M.R.James) and for his social comedies, most particularly the "Lucia" novels. In the latter there is an artist called Irene Coles who, because of her odd behaviour and mode of dress , is nicknamed "Quaint Irene" or "Quaint One" - th character is loosely based on that of Radclyffe Hall. The first mailing list I ever joined was devoted to E.F.Benson, and I wanted to use my favourite character as my nom, but it had already been taken, so I abbreviated it to 'Quaint1' and it stuck.
Benson is, by the way, also the source for my sign-off "Au Res."
I am the proud owner of a website about Benson (shameless plug here: The E.F.Benson Web Page) IT has a bit of info about 'Fred' (as we afficionados call him!) I've also written some 'fan-fic' - parodies in the style of 'Fred', but if you want to read them you'll have to dig them out yourselves!
So, nothing whatsoever to do with trading cards. I DO have a number of other nom's that I use - I'm not going to list them here just in case... smile
Au Res.,
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Picture of willgull
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Well, I have chosen my name many years ago as an homage to William Withey Gull, the royal surgeon to Queen Victoria(1888). Being an amateur Ripperologist and taking this screen name has lead to many interesting conversations and e-mails. By the way, William Withey Gull is more commonly referred to as Jack the Ripper or Saucy Jack.
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Bronze Card Talk Member
Picture of angeleyes777
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I'll plead the 5th and leave my story to all your wild imaginations. wink
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Picture of Trader_Joe
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Trader_Joe: A bit uninteresting and obvious, I'm afraid. My name is Joe, and I really got hooked on trading over the internet last summer. I love to look over card collectors' websites, and their Need/Want lists, searching for that perfect match of someone who "needs" things that I actually have extras of, and "has" extras of things that I need.

Of course, I chose the name long before I had even heard of the specialty grocery store chain of the same name.

Oh, and for the record, I'm behind Lynne 100% here. I may not have been part of the original movement, but having been to more conventions than I can remember (not exactly true...I remember them all fondly), and having collected autographs, in person, from the entire original crew and next generation crew, I am proud to call myself a TREKKIE!!

Sorry to have gotten off topic. Please, everyone, keep this secret-name-stories thread going! It is quite fascinating.

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Picture of xst
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My other hobby is cross-stitching, hence "x" = cross, "st" = stitch on the pattern instructions. I've used "xst" or variations of it on various bulletin boards relating to Stargate and Star Trek fandom.
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Picture of MikeFitz
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I'm just raising my hand so the teacher thinks I know the answer.

Nice thread!
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Picture of pcetodd
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I thought H_Toser was a cryptic code for "lover of baboon butts". You mean to tell me I am wrong?!
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Picture of pooky
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Its a corny pet name I've had for a while with my husband. But its interesting and I use it a lot and its fun to say.
Nuff Said.

pooky big grin
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Picture of mykdude
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well there is not much here. my spells my and k spells k put it together and you have myk (mike). I am originally from california so dude just naturally flowed. I started using it years ago as a signature in art class.
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