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Secret Identities
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Picture of Kennywood
I always enjoy seeing the various screen names that many of us use here, but wind up wondering about the stories behind those choices of names. I think it might be interesting to hear some of those stories. wink Why did you choose the name that you did?

I'll start off... My name of Kennywood has absolutely nothing to do with an actual name of Kenny Wood. (My name is actually Kevin.) Kennywood is a wonderful amusement park in my home town of Pittsburgh. It truly boasts some of the greatest roller coasters in the world. Kennywood was even chosen as one of the amusement parks showcased in the recent Coaster Cards set. Anyway, Kennywood is probably my most favorite place on earth, so I've adopted its name.

And now you know...the REST of the story! smile


Kennywood cool

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Picture of carlvinson
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I hope that no one minds that I bumped this thread back up; because this is one of my favorites. There are a lot of new people that have not responded so I wanted to bring it back to everyones attn. in hopes that they will share. Thanks.
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Contest Czar
Picture of barobehere
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Barobehere= BA (first two letters of my name barrett) Ro (first two letters of my wife's name Rosanne Behere ( be here) . We did this for our aol account. We thought we were doing something different. Now we have been with aol so long friends tell us we can't change it now!
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Picture of kathywc
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Mine is a left over Xena thing. You know Xena, warrior, princess.....kathy warrior counselor. Plus there are a few different meanings to it. I went with the counselor thing because that's what I do for a living. The warrior comes from two places. One is that I'm a competitive fencer, fencing coach, and certified fencing armorer. Two is from the path of the warrior: "the warrior path is the path of courage, self-discipline, perfection of form, and unwavering concentration" These are all traits I'm trying to inspire in myself. And finally, if you put the two together....I spend a lot of time counseling warriors (ie: working with my fencers).

I use this handle so much that I even sign my work emails with "kathy wc"

kathy warrior counselor
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Picture of Dobby The House Elf
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Uh... I am short, have big ears, and run around in a tea towl!

Okay, so I am a Potter fan, and the second movie is coming out,
and I figured it was a good name to go with. razz
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Picture of Rincess22
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Rincess22 comes from high school. I have the same friends from high school now, so it sticks around. Back in the day we were driving around and saw no parking signs (the ones with the letter P and a red slash through them) so we thought it was funny if the signs meant you couldn't use the letter P. So we started taking the letter P out of words. Example Happy Birthday, we would say Hay Birthday (and yes we still do). We thought it was hilarious and laughed and laughed and laughed. My friends nicknamed me the Princess so I became the Rincess. When I signed up for most of my accounts I was 22 so it became Rincess22. I still keep it even though I'm 25..just because I can remember it. So that's the skinny on my name.
big grin--Joy
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Picture of vorpmi2
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Well since this thread was resurected, I might as well let my little secret out as well. Wait this is a public forum..hehehe j/k. Anyway, the name vorpmi originally came about as an email address on aol...long ago. I created it when I started doing stand up comedy. Since I already had several emails I wanted one simply for comedy, and thus wanted the name comedy related. Now many off you are asking what does vorpmi have to do with comedy, ok I will tell you. The name vorpmi is the Improv spelled backwards. Some would say it was because I was the oppisite of funny, not true, well maybe in the begining. I thought of it more as improv was spur of the moment, creating everything on the spot as you go. What I did, on the other hand was a little more thought out. It was an act from begining to end. So, I was the oppisite of improv(spur of the moment). The 2 came from "too funny". So that is the way the strange name of vorpmi came about.(Did I finish strong enough...maybe I should have started with "too funny".)


If you can laugh at will always be happy.
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Picture of The Master
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Well my real name is Scott, just so ya know!

The Master came about 2 ways. Firstly everytime my wife and I played the Buffy board game or CCG I played the characyer of The Master. Secondly a friend of ours(who also posts here, luvlegolas17) started calling me that and it just stuck!

The Master

There are three kinds of people in this world, those who can count and those who can't.
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Picture of Star*Mystyk
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Maybe it was created before i joined, i dunno!
Anyway, to start with, i'd just like to say something about a previous post.

the first name that came to mind was the ship I was stationed on in the navy. The USS Carlvinson(CVN-70)

big grin I do believe your ship has been to my city. Hobart in Tasmania...Australia. We were supposed to have another visit this xmas, but all our accommodations were booked out. And what with a nuclear aircraft carrier being docked not far from Hobart with all the terrorist attacks going on, alot of people were a bit concerned.
We've had alot of carriers come here, which is great! Well, who would pass up the chance to have 5000 American sailors here, lol!

On Topic:

I've had this username for about a year now. And am slowly spreading it across the 'net. All my other names were (supposedly) taken. Who's to say that a website doesn't have a program that checks your username as you register, decides "Yep, i like that one!" and tell you, "Sorry, that username is taken."
Star is because I'm interested in the universe out there, and I'm a Star Trek Voyager fan. Mystyk is a rendition of Miss Stick - what my auntie used to call me when i was younger.
People that I've got to know through MSN Messenger and other message boards have mentioned that my username suits me well. With some of the stuff that pops out of my virtual mouth i have been told i seem to be a wise person, lol!

That's me! Long post, I'll stop now wink
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The first cards I ever collected were Elvis. Since I still collect music cards I used some 80s rock song names from Rush, My favorite band.

" Enhance your culture"
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Picture of Charstar
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Well my name came from two places, from my first name Charleen. So Nickname Char was born, That way it might be harder to tell if I might be a Charleen, Charlotte or even a Charlie.
Before Charstar I was known on as Char2434, Char2535, and even Char61301. It first set of numbers 2434 was my age and the age limit for my date and the same with 2535 the last 61301 was my youngest birthday.

The Charstar combination came after I went to a convention and someone was holding up a sign for her group called Char's stars. I loved it(secretly wishing I had thought of it first)I soon became Charstar anywhere they would accept me on the internet,I also love performing I may not be famous but I am a star.

So nowadays you may see me as charstar or charstars or even charstardances. I try to keep Char no matter what! that's ME!!


Act your way into right thinking or was it think you way into right action.-unknown "BE GOOD"
Charstar* Go for what you know!!!
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Picture of ManInTheIronLung
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You may look at my name and say, "What the heck? Is he really in an Iron lung? Is he really a man? Is he really in the?"

Nope. Its all true. Yep Im not really in an Iron lung. I really liked Weird Al and one of his songs was named this and I used to sing it all the time. Of course singing as loud as a could in a crowded mall would always bring looks if I ever did that which I didn't. razz razz
big grin big grin
Im new to writting my replies for my wife Chatstar(Look above, no no shes not dead, quit looking towards heaven, just above my post) usually is doin the typpeeingg. smile cool smile

"I would rather slit my wrists with a rusty spoon and do push-ups in salt water."

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Picture of Ginny
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My screen name is my nickname/real name.
Ginny comes from Virginia which has been passed down to me from 3 previous generations. My parents wanted me to have a southern name so they decided to call me Ginny Lee.
But to everyone else I am just Ginny.

So it is a screen name because Ginny is unique-at least to me anyway. And for those of you who aren't sure, it is Gin like the drink, not Gin like grin.

And now you know, and we all know:
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Picture of comicbookfan
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My name is pretty self explanatory. I am a fan of comic books. They were the first things I collected. I added in the book part because I have learnt if I tell people I am a comics fan they think I am referring to comedians or newspaper comic strips.
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Picture of DoctorChristmasJones
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I picked this name because: 1) it's not usually taken; 2) I am a proud defender of Denise Richards' character in The World Is Not Enough; and 3) I think I subconciously seek the cachet of being thought of as a doctor (which of course I'm not).
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Picture of RupT
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Mine is unfortunately a very boring tale..... simply my real name is Rupesh Tailor and i shortened it ti 'RupT'

I get called this by my friends sometimes as there are two Rupesh's in the i guess thats kinda where it came from.... Smile

"Ahead, Raaaaammmming Speeeeed!!!"
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Picture of #1hulkfan
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You dont wanna see me when im angry.. People say I really turned green, and mean...

Guess thats why I like the Hulk...

Could be that autographed pix I got signed to me, number1 hulk fan.. Im the only one right .????

good thread, how did I miss it..

hulkfan Wave

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Picture of The Mouseketeer
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Don't know how I missed this one...

I'd love to say that I spent a lot of time thinking up my screen name or that it has many layers of meaning, but it really is quite simple - I love Disney, particularly Mickey Mouse, so what better name than the Mouseketeer? Smile

Who's the leader of the club that's made for you and me?
M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E!
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Picture of starwolf1001
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well mine was given to me by a shaman at a powwow, when i was 2(well except the 1001 part that came from AOL(long story))

"Is it suppost to be stupid?"
"It's not stupid, it's advanced."

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Picture of dru'sgarden
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Well, I was gonna tell everyone I'm really a superhero.....till I read what this thread was really about. Don't I feel like a duhhhh??

So, here's my reasoning for my screen name. The 'dru' part comes from BUFFY, of course. She's my favorite villain. And the 'garden' represents the forum and everyone in it. Dru's on a crazy power trip, and in control of everyone here. Ya know how much she loves chaos?? We're all her puppets.....

What???? It's after 10 o'clock??? Why am I still up?? It's a wonder I can still think straight. I'm going to bed now. Oh, by the's TREKKER!!!

G'night all,

+ addicted to cards +
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