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Charmed P3 - Billy Drago autograph
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great story


A belgian hiphop group
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The nostalgia's strong with this one. I still can't believe how many people went all in trying to collect only Dragos for this series (Power of 3 and especially Conversations). Think the they lost some value when he signed again for Charmed Destiny.

Great that he did but I think if he hadn't signed for 3 sets (PO3, Conversations, Destiny) his autographs would be more collectable. If he'd only personality Charmed Power of 3 autograph cards.

Though his autograph still holds stead at roughly $40-60 re-sale value but this is only. I don't know what the book price guide value is and if it differs for his autographs between sets.

I'd say his Power of 3 autograph is still the most sought after of the sets he signed for. I have a pack (box) pulled Drago autograph from the Destiny set. But still looking to add his Conversations and Power of 3 signatures to my (one day) master sets.
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As has been mentioned in another thread, Billy Drago died at the age of 73. Frown The letter below shows that he took a great deal of pleasure with all of the inscriptions he included with his autograph cards. He was doing inscriptions long before companies started having celebrities include them on their autograph card. Even back then, Billy's inscriptions were always unique and special. He raised the bar when it comes to autograph cards and very few have come close to meeting that standard. Billy will be truly missed.

Originally posted by Kennywood:
To show my appreciation to Billy Drago for taking the time to write all those different messages on his autograph card, I wrote a thank-you note and sent it to him. Well, I got a letter back from him! Since he gave his permission to share the letter with the rest of the class, here it is:

Dear Kevin,

Thank you so much for your kind words and good energy. Actually, I looked at the signing of the trading cards more as an opportunity than a chore. It seemed like a rare creative chance to communicate one-on-one on a personal level, as well as have some fun, so I took it.

Also, fear is a demon that lives in the heart of all of us. So respect must be paid. Fear is an aspect that I've explored in every character I've ever played, whether on film, stage or my personal life. You might say, I lacked the courage to merely sign my name. Or, you could just say that it was a cheap gesture. I had to sign the cards anyway and at 3 A.M. I was too bored to just sign Billy Drago over and over and over again.

In any case, thank you for the online link.
(I had included the link to the Card Talk discussion about his card, in case he might be interested in our conversation.) I've snuck on several times as have a number of my friends. We enjoyed the discussions very much. Also, the compilation of the various messages is of great interest to me. Several of the ones you have found are my favorites while others have yet to be discovered and I'm curious as to what the reaction will be. Incidentally, some that seem to stand alone are actually in two or more parts and there is somewhat of a story or meaning to be made of the whole.

Please thank everyone for me for their interest and feel free to pass any or all parts of this message along.

Fearfully and respectfully yours,

Billy E. Drago

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He did the same, as I'm sure everyone's aware, on the two Supernatural sets he signed for.

One stickered set for Inkworks, and one on-card set for Crypto.

Honestly can't remember what my copies of each say off the top of my head.

It's amazing to see how difficult it is to find the Crypto one for sale now. I guess those Drago collectors were still out there.
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Thanks for bumping up that letter, can't remember reading it before. Drago was always a favorite of mine and you can tell that he really enjoyed his inscriptions and the fan reactions. He must have been a very thoughtful fellow and probably good company at the bar. Big Grin

I have only 2 lengthy ones from Charmed Conversations, neither of which I get. RIP Mr. Drago.

"His brother's name had only seven letters. It was a lucky break."

"The fact that it was a green passport to Hell made them laugh."
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Mine say:

Eve A1 (?) - question mark mine
Gypsies go I'm hiding when the killer cats come into heat

Yours in fear (I have two of these)

Fears job is never ending

3 minutes left and still no reprieve

He carved up the waiters face with a broken beer mug

His fear vanished when his neck snapped

Question? Did any one die during camus invincible surrender?

The answer to #9 is the same as #5

6 (in a circle) ..."don't you dare to try and touch her cause touching makes her die." This one legged ballerina with the thorns on her hide...

If you die you won't be able to vote
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Thanks for the letter Kennywood. I'm glad he had a blast with the cards. We had it too. Sad to hear he passed away.

Mine from Power of three reads:



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Billy Drago is the single best autograph card signer I can think of, he did it all on his own for the fans. He even tried to do his inscriptions on those lousy Inkworks stickers, which came out looking just awful, but wasn't his fault. Don't call yourself an autograph card collector if you don't own at least one Drago signed card (just kidding, you can call yourself anything you want). Big Grin
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Many sincerest apologies, I am so late for this party. Over the last 12 months, I decided to put together the power of 3 / season one autograph list. I’m nearly there. I have also rewatched all 8 seasons of Charmed. Billy Drago was probably the best demon in Charmed, just brilliant and reoccurring of course. His autograph cards set standards, we actually get sets with inscriptions these days. The letter from him is so invaluable to us fans, he makes connections where we are normally in the dark. Thank for all those who have contributed to this card talk.
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