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2004 Mad Labz Creep Cards
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I need some help finding information about these cards. I have exhausted my ideas, the only info I have is the parent company was Abante out of La Vista, NE. Once I figure out how to post a picture I will show the front & back of the blister pack
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The way Card Talk works is you can't upload photos to a post but you can embed a link to a file that exists online. If you have a PC and store files on OneDrive or if you use Photobucket or Pinterest or whatever file hosting or image sharing service, you can embed a link. If you have OneDrive, you do it this way:

Upload a .jpg file to OneDrive.
Open the image at OneDrive.
At the top should be a link to "</> Embed".

Click it, that opens a window and in the window is a box with a long URL. This image will be too large, so select "Medium (660px)" in the Image Size drop-down box.

Put your cursor in the URL box, click anywhere on the URL to select the entire URL, and "CTRL-C" to copy the URL.

Once you've copied the URL to your clipboard, come back to Card Talk and start the post you want to embed the picture in. When you get to the place you want to open the picture, click the small picture icon to the right of the envelope at the top of the post composing window. That opens a dialogue with the title "Image URL". Past the URL into the box of that dialogue. This should link to your image at OneDrive.

If you use another service, you can try this:

When you have opened an image you want to embed in a post, you right-click on it and select "Open link in new tab," and then click on that tab which has just appeared on your tab bar. Copy the URL. Go to the Card Talk thread and click Reply (unless you are starting a new thread). The box comes up and you'll see the row of icons above the reply field. Go the third icon from the right, click on it and paste the URL into the Image URL field. Click the "OK" button which is to the right just below the Image URL field. Your link to the image should appear wherever you click within the field. It is embedded at this point. After you click "Post Now," the image itself should show in your post.

If it doesn't work, you might have missed a step or you might have to figure out a step
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