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2021 Non-Sport Almanac #7
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I don’t believe so.
Probably the closest thing to that would be Beckett’s Online Price Guide
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I think leaving blank spaces helps people checking prices to see what really needs to be checked for.

I'm still going through this Almanac - almost done. So far, I have noticed more updated information. I would like to see the next one go chronologic with the franchises. I'd like to see the manufacturers noted.

Sometimes, the "Common card" line is redundant when all the cards are listed (as in the case of the Akira promos listing) so it could be deleted.

There are still a few odd listings as in the "1996 Battlestar Galactica Promos." There's a P1a and P1b but those are not card numbers - just designations assigned by the Alamanac. There aren't two P1's in that set. There is a P1 and a P2 plus a card numbered as "1/3" with the same front as P2 (but no foil). Adding a's and b's that don't exist to numbers in a listing just confuses both newbies and longtime collectors.

I still have to go through the Star Trek section and whatever's after that.

Originally posted by Raven:
My pet peeve is seeing lines that use space and provide no information. There is huge lost space in the headers, usually talking about parallel colors, that all say "Unpriced Due To Scarcity". I'm not talking about one line, some sets have ten and more lines like that under the main title. It tells no one nothing. Just say there are parallels that can't be priced due to scarcity, if you must acknowledge them, and skip listing every color available. In fact if it can't be priced, why list them at all. No one expects 1/1s to be priced in a guide, why should an Almanac keep mentioning what it can't do?

Less noticeable but still there are separate card lines for really minimal cards. A lot of the Non-Sport in Sports section has cards that are $.20 - $.75 or $.75 - $2. The hits are important, not sure anyone is focused on base cards. The increased Marvel interest looks to have expanded that section also, but there are an awful lot of small valued cards listed in there. Again when space is at a premium its something that can be omitted without anyone missing it. Like it or not, everyone is checking for the hits, except maybe for vintage issues which have truly earned their collectible status with unmanufactured longevity. Most of the vintage sets are very light on details.

The price changes are going to keep me looking at this one for a long while. It would be a good time for card collectors to update their library if they don't go in for an Almanac every year. Smile
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