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James Bond to Upper Deck
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Originally posted by Raven:
Originally posted by Tommy C:
Any word on whether Upper Deck will do a card set for the next Bond movie, NO TIME TO DIE, which is coming to theaters in April ?

Good question, but NO I haven't heard anything about plans for the next movie's cards. I would be interested in hearing if UD might not just put out a Bond Series 2 and incorporate the new movie into it if the schedule matched for late 2020. There were a slew of good name actors missing from this first one, not to mention Craig and Brosnan.

I could be wrong because I only have the info I can find, but I don't think this first set was all that successful. The box hits seemed very quite. The ePacks came out at the end of August and there was relatively little talk about them that I saw too. Quite a few experienced Bond collectors on Card Talk have said that they have no interest in buying the UD cards, apart from maybe 2 or 3 autographs.

I thought the cards were much better than I expected, but I didn't pull any of the several big names that I was looking for out of my boxes either. There is no doubt that RA covered this territory much better than UD ever will. Unfortunately its because many Bond signers have passed away and others may not be doing it anymore. UD picked up the license and it would be foolish for them to get only one set out of it, so I have to believe they will come out with something, but they aren't going to compete with only repeat signers, although I do think collectors shouldn't complain too much about more opportunities as many of the RA cards are locked up in private collections.

I thought that some of the sets in the Upper Deck releases were quite creative and well done (the acetate cards in particular, as well as the silver and goal cards).

The biggest deterrent in having me buy any of the cards was the same issue that I have with most of Upper Deck’s releases: the MSRP is too steep for what you get in a box, and by the time I am ready to take the plunge, either the supply has dried up or the prices have tanked, making it cheaper to just buy the cards piecemeal. The fact that UD keeps a lot of the good hits for Epack and the prices on that will never get anywhere near the cheap prices for the physical product (let alone the fees associated with just getting the card to you) also makes me stay away.

When I can still buy the Rittenhouse products and get a solid product with reasonable odds of pulling something good at a reasonable price, I am not inclined to make the jump to the UD product. A new movie may result in more interest in UD sets, but I am willing to be patient and buy the cards individually.

billylomas1 on Epack
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This is really the first Bond set I've delved in to and I just bought in to it because it was available on ePack. I think I bought 20 packs, and pulled 3 autographs (Whishaw, Wisniewski and Krabbe inscription), and was able to trade for several other autographs. Also picked up a Cleese auto on COMC for a really good price.
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