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Postage rates
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Now, just to add to it. On ebay I always just select the global shipping program. In my listing it says I ship via the global shipping programs. Regardless, when an auction is won, the people who win outside of the US complain that I use the global shipping program. Shipping costs are crazy now but gone are the days when you could trust anyone.
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I was hoping to grab some blaster boxes of the new Stranger Things set via EbayUK. The items were a fair price £30 for 2 boxes. But shipping is £20+ not including any added import charges (Especially if via courier!) which doubles the price. Suddenly not such a 'bargain' anymore. Shame for UK collectors as the import rises is why my local comic stores don't stock anything except CCGs like Pokemon and Magic The Gathering.
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It's a shame for sellers too, although there are some that are convinced that sellers are denying them sales just for the sadistic fun of it, a lot of us have lost a ton of business to the U.K. and Canada over the lat 8 years due to insane postage costs and VATs.

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