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Vampire Diaries Season 1 (Cryptozoic 2011)
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Originally posted by riddler_149:
Originally posted by AlexC:
I was wondering if I might have done better buying a case. I ended up buying 10 boxes overall. The odds of autos and materials were a bit off per box as some of them were missing autos but some had 2, I also had a box with 3 autos.But it balanced out in the end and I ended up with 11 autos. Only sad part is I never got any of the three main cast members.

I think that this was a better release for case breakers. With the likelihood of getting at least one of the big three in a case and plenty of solid hits, I ended up buying five boxes that I preorders and then two cases for $595 each once the hysteria died down a bit. So far I have managed to get about 75% of the set and have ended up really only paying for the boxes because of the way that the Hu's and Kebbell's are selling.

Thanks, I guess for future sets I'm planning on making a master set of. I will be buying a case instead.
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I opened a box of this too. Here is what I received:

1 base set with some cards slightly indented on the bottom
4 foil cards: F02, F05, F06, F08
2 die-cut cards: D04, D05
Autograph A17 Susan Walters
Wardrobe M6 Bonnie Bennett, gold cloth

I do like the design of the autograph and wardrobe cards.
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Picked up 2 boxes at the Royal National mart today.

D01, D03, D08, D09
F02 (x2), F05, F07 (x4), F09 (one of the F07 has sort of foil smear)

M2 - Stefan Salvatore
M6 - Bonnie Bennett (Gold swatch)

A14 - Areille Kebbel as Lexi Branson
A16 - Kayla Ewell as Vicki Donovan
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Hi Millhouse here I Bought some loose packs 20 in total and pulled the following autograph card a A14 Arielle Kebbel as Lexi Branson

Not Bad I thinks

from a very happy millhouse Elephant Elephant Elephant
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This was finally resolved with a big thanks to John Nee from Cryptozic. They went out of their way to make this right. So glad to get closure on this.

Originally posted by FRANK AMICO:
All my base set cards came damaged. Since no one else mentioned this maybe I just got a bad box. My cards were dented, dinged, had pit marks and what appears to be some sort of machine roll crease. For some reason the bonus cards were fine. I just wrote Cryptozoic and hopefully this will be taken care of. I hope no one else has this problem.

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I got a nice response from Cryptozoic on Thursday and they replaced my missing wardrobe card and sent me 5 free packs of Vampire Diaries, along with a nice note (on very cool stationary) indicating that they were working on getting quality assurance up and running and thanking me for my patience. Excellent job from Cryptozoic, I'm sure you will hear something from them soon.

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I bought 4 boxes a while ago, a bit dissapointed at the main pulls, but you can`t hit jackpot everytime Wink One box was missing an auto and one box was missing a costume. I have contacted cryptozoic, and it seems they may help me with my missing hits Smile

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Here are the replacement cards for my missing Case #1 hits from Cryptozoic (very pleased!):

[QUOTE]Originally posted by hitdog44:
One Hobby Case Break:

I didn't pull any of the 3 main characters' autographs and got shorted 1 autograph and 3 wardrobes overall, but I liked the autographs/wardrobes that I did get even with the horrible coallation:

Ebay ID: stm24
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Wow hitdog44, they are great replacements Thumb Up
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Well I got a case of VD 1. I was so excited for it, but it disappointed me a lot. I'm thinking I might contact Cryptozoic about the multiples that I got. The collation was terrible, in my opinion. Oh and one of my costumes was damaged.

Here's what I got:

A6 Candice Accola as Caroline Forbes Smile
A7 Zach Roerig as Matt Donovan
A10 Matt Davis as Alaric Saltzman
A11 Julie Plec as Executive Producer
A15 Kelly Hu as Pearl Big Grin
A17 Susan Walters as Carol Lockwood x 4! Mad
A20 Bianca Lawson as Emily Bennett x 3! Mad

M3 Elena Gilbert (light swatch) x 2! Mad
M6 Bonnie Bennett (dark brown)
M8 Jeremy Gilbert
M11 Caroline Forbes (yellow)
M12 Damon Salvatore
M14 Damon Salvatore - damaged Roll Eyes
M15 Matt Donovan x2! Mad
M17 Vicki Donovan (white)
M18 Alaric Saltzman
M20 Katherine Pierce Bouncey

So I am definitely contacting Crypto about the damaged card, I will probably mention the multiple doubles (or should I say quadruples and triples), I don't expect anything, but they should know how bad the collation is. And it might make me feel better to vent.

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The early Cryptozoic releases were notorious for their poor collation which is common with new companies finding their way.Recent releases have been much better(see the perfect autograph collations in the Castle set for example).

Looking at other cases on previous pages your break is sadly fairly typical of this release Frown .
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