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July 01, 2002, 02:33 AM
Promo Card Discussion
We at Cards Inc are thinking about not producing ANY promo cards for forthcoming releases and i want to gather some opinion before we make a decision.

1. Does it REALLY effect you buying a product seeing a promo ?

2. Are the promos really going to the intended collector, or onto ebay for people to make money ?

3. If onto EBAY does it matter ??

4. Would you rather have no promo and SLIGHTLY cheaper in cost product. Saving monies on promos could be ploughed back as to savings on product.

Please advise

Decision has yet to be made


January 21, 2004, 12:52 PM
Mister E.
To me,A promocard is like a chase card. If you don't have it - try and find it.It helps me purchase a box of cards and tells me what to expect in the box.It is nice to collect these cards and it is like a mini-poster of the set.
January 21, 2004, 07:03 PM
I collect promos as a part of my set. To me, there's no way I could feel like I had a master set without them. But a promo card alone has never made me purchase a set. As said in earlier posts, it's kinda like another level of chase card to me, I suppose.

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January 21, 2004, 07:56 PM
Card Master
HI Darren Wink
To your questions

1. Does it REALLY effect you buying a product seeing a promo ?

MY ANSWER; YES / So I know what the cards look like and what is in the set.

2. Are the promos really going to the intended collector, or onto ebay for people to make money ?


3. If onto EBAY does it matter ??


4. Would you rather have no promo and SLIGHTLY cheaper in cost product. Saving monies on promos could be ploughed back as to savings on product.

January 23, 2004, 08:47 AM
Promo's are guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuud.... hm hm hm !!!! YEah!!!!!


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February 04, 2004, 10:56 AM
Originally posted by Darren:

1. Does it REALLY effect you buying a product seeing a promo ?

Definately, need to see what a potential set i may invest in will look like!!

2. Are the promos really going to the intended collector, or onto ebay for people to make money ?

Bit of both really...... but then dealers also sell promo cards onto collectors so money is being made somewhere along the line always.... not that its a bad thing, but even Cards inc sells it fair share of promos at premium collectors prices.

3. If onto EBAY does it matter ??

I will buy it on ebay if its cheap or if i really want it..... as promo are now almost an essential part of a master of mini master set.....

4. Would you rather have no promo and SLIGHTLY cheaper in cost product. Saving monies on promos could be ploughed back as to savings on product.

To be honest what is the average run of a general distribution promo in that axing a particular promo would actuall y kep the cost of the actual set down when it is released???

So answer to that is no i would raher not have a promo...... Smile


Do not try and bend the spoon. That's impossible. Instead only try to realize the truth.

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July 08, 2002, 04:58 PM
I could never understand how card companies can afford to give thousands of promos away. It must increase the price of the set significantly. What if the card companies put the promo on their website and let the collectors download it and print it themselves. Do the same thing with the flyers. This way the price of the card sets and chase would go down and we could afford to buy more cards!
July 02, 2002, 04:24 AM

Pretty much what mtlhddoc2 said. I may post more about this later, but it's almost 3:30 a.m. here and it's past my bedtime.


"I'd take a bullet for safety."
July 02, 2002, 01:30 PM

I have to agree with a little of everything that has been said as it's all relevant. I will add my two cents though:

1) As someone stated, will the consumer see the price difference if the free promos are elminated? I doubt it. So keep the promo.

2) As Lynne mentioned, promos are nice "tide me overs" -- so keep the promo. There are even times when only a promo(s) was produced (Prisoner set by Cornerstone) -- so in that case it's a nice "what might have been".

3) There have been cases where I've received a promo and thought to buy the set -- in some cases, the set never materialized, but again at least some kind of cards were produced. So keep the promo.

As for promos ending up on eBay, et al. -- what's the difference? Plenty of products end up on there -- why does it matter if a free card does? I've seen a collector send in for all the free Inkworks / Rittenhouse cards and then sell them on eBay -- if he wants to do that, so be it. There are people who sell DVDs [on eBay] for higher than you can buy them online. So, there are plenty of examples of people being unscrupolous. There are also cases where you might want to buy a preview set on eBay vs. buy it directly from Cards,Inc. -- for example, you might not have a credit card. Or you don't want to use your card over the Net, etc. Some people are like that and if they live in the US, they might wait until a US dealer has it on eBay. Again, nothing wrong with that.

Also -- if I get a free promo card and sell it for $2.00 on eBay -- is that a living? I mean, how many (free) promo cards would I have to sell to make a living? Hundreds a week -- and there just aren't that many! So let's not worry about the person selling on eBay.

Let's work on making the promos widely available and for free/low cost (SASE).

It would be nice if the promo cards were available for free on the Cards, Inc. Web site like they are on Inkworks or Rittenhouse, but being in the US, I'm sure the postage would eat up a good portion of the cost (for me to get the card).

OK -- with all that being said (ie, keep the darn promos! smile, if Cards, Inc. decides that their efforts are better put toward making quality card sets and if designing/distributing promos takes too much away from making an overall quality set then I would say -- "dump the promos".

I really want quality sets above all else -- if dumping promo card production, sell sheet production, etc. is the way to ensure that quality, then I say eliminate the extraneous material and concentrate on the set at hand (and lower the prices, ;-).

BTW -- while I have Cards, Inc. ear -- in some cases, I think you blew it with the promo cards -- you could have inserted them with the UFO DVDs being sold, the Space:1999 DVDs being sold (though the initial DVDs were sold last year -- there were still some new sets coming out in the US this year). The Prisoner would have been another series along with Capt Scarlet. All of those would have been a neat "cross sell" to include a free promo card in. Oh well. frown

And -- as for the "preview sets" -- those are nice, but I'd much rather have one free promo card or no promo cards at all than a Preview Set. But that's my 2 cents.

July 03, 2002, 04:53 AM
the public has ruled, we have now decided to keep the promos and distribute them with more ways than just to dealers. i will keep you all posted but you have won !!!!!

plus everyone else in the office here telling me i was nuts even to raise the point

thanks for all of your points, my replies may be samll, but i do read this everyday and think that this is a fantastic site for garnering opinions...

July 03, 2002, 07:46 AM

You are a gentleman and a scholar smile
I find it quite amazing that you take time from what I am sure is a busy schedule to garner our opinion on the subject. This hobby never ceases to amaze me. Real people from all over the globe and from all walks of life converge on a tiny message board to discuss the decisions of international corporations and the heads of these corporations listen to our opinions! WOW

Thanks Darren smile


July 03, 2002, 10:11 AM
Darren - a nice bloke!
It's interesting how influential this board is becoming - Inkworks, Cards Inc and Rittenhouse Archive (to name but a few) have all posted (or have been reported as reading) and all have respnded to comments and suggestions!
Now, if we can only get Topps onboard... big grin
Au Res.,

Sometimes, one pack is not enough...
July 03, 2002, 12:37 PM
Promo's are a topic near and dear to my heart.

I have been collecting promos for about 14 years now.. Cards Inc deciding to not produce promos would of course have an impact on my collecting habits, especially with the UK exclusives.

I made the decision mnay moons ago to not purchase every card set that came out. I do buy boxes (as well as preview sets) now and then for topics that interest me. I also buy dumped boxes when I can find them. I concentrate on promos as I said earlier.

Promos generally do not impact my purchasing decision when it comes to regular card sets.
I usually know in advance if a card set will interest me or not.

As for Ebay. I do not see anything wrong with selling a promo. No one is going to get rich selling them as was mentioned in a previous post.
I do however get mad when a dealer (or a collector) picks up a stack of promo cards at a show such as I have seen at the last 2 Philly shows that I have gone to. You know those are probably heading for Ebay.

Cards, Inc. - Please keep promo cards around. They do have their place, to promote your product, and of course, in producing a collectible item.

Have a happy and safe 4th!

Mike. cool
July 09, 2002, 05:00 AM
Don't think downloadable promos, even if they could be of better quality, actually serve the purpose of promo cards...The manufacturers could simply post a few pictures from an upcoming card series on their website and those of us online could get a sneek preview with downloading anything (which some of them do now).

But what about folks who are not online?
Or who are, but who don't care to spend 1/4 of their life surfing the internet to find out what's going on, everywhere?

What about folks who aren't aware of an upcoming series? What about folks who rely on shows and stop at tables and get handed promo cards, or pick up a sell sheet to get a sense/feel for an upcoming product and talk to dealers about some of the finer details and pricing...and get interested in something new because of that?

What about would folks feel about there being no promo cards enclosed with the magazine?

What about folks who find a promo card in an unlikely place, like a noncard magazine, or Wizard...folks who may not be collectors YET, but who get drawn to the hobby because of coming across a promo card in something they usually read?

I think 'in hand' promo cards can serve a terrific purpose, multiple purposes. To expand the hobby increase an individual manufacturers market share, to keep those of us who are antsy about an upcoming product temporarily happy, to introduce card collectors to new magazines they might not otherwise read,
to get magazine readers introduced to a hobby they might know little about, to create some interest in a new series that many of us might otherwise pass up...Website promos (ones that get mailed out to requesters) drive traffic to a manufacturers website...keeping interest heated up...

Promo cards are advertising....and they work..
July 01, 2002, 08:33 AM
I guess I'm in the minority here but...

Promos do influence me. I wasn't going to buy the new James Bond cards but I really liked how the promo looked and now I'm going to buy some of the cards. All because I really liked the promo. I don't know, maybe I'm a sucker but I like 'dem promos.

July 01, 2002, 11:33 AM
Perhaps the answer is to limit the number of promos produced. Keep the number of different ones IE- 2 instead of 4, 6, 8, well as a somewhat limited print run. The idea of targeting realease is a good one, too. We all know the best release is through magazines, shows...there are some good suggestions posted so far here too. smile I happen to know there are lots of Star Trek fans who are big into gaming, but don't have a clue about cards, for example. The internet could be a good way to advertise (yeah- we all hate ads LOL), I know- off track, but it does the same function. Same rules apply for targeting, if you want to spend smart.

Living the thrill of the chase
July 01, 2002, 01:27 PM
I've actually purchased a few sets that I did not intend to buy after receiving one or more of the promo cards for the set. On the other hand, I have also decided not to purchase any of the cards after getting a glimpse of a promo from other certain sets (all of which will remain anonymous). Additionally, I also tend to think of the promo(s) as part of the complete set and have been known to get a few off of the internet. Personally, I believe that promo cards enhance most sets and hope that they are continued to be produced.
July 01, 2002, 02:02 PM
Colin Whyte
Would any savings in cost be passed on by the retailer? Are we talking a significant saving or pennies/cents/currency of your choice...

July 01, 2002, 02:58 PM
I could do without the promos assuming that it would get the box price down. An exception I'd make to this is if the cards are using some kind of special printing process that a promo could really show off. Someone mentioned the new James Bond cards, for example, and that's a case where I think that the promo cards really DID make a difference. Some people have complained about the Dr. No mini-set being in black and white, but that promo card I got in the mail looked very nice! Oh, one other thing I just thought of...if the promo card may actually be useful in getting new collectors into the market, such as being inserted into a mainstream magazine or something outside the usual marketplace where new folks can see them. The recent Farscape/Stargate SG-1 insert in "Entertainment Weekly" comes to mind, even though it wasn't a real promo in the sense that it didn't advertise for the upcoming card sets.


"I'd take a bullet for safety."
July 01, 2002, 03:35 PM

This is an interesting thread. I am confused about your point relating to the Stargate/Farscape item in Entertainment Weekly. That wasn't a card promo nor was it really even a card (it wasn't card size, wasn't numbered, wasn't part of a series, etc.). I don't see how it will help with "getting new collectors into the market"? I'm not trying to be antagonistic. Just trying to keep the dialog going.


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