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Who are you?
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Picture of Tamara
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I'm Tamara and I am a card-a-holic!
I'm old enough to know how and young enough to get away with it.
is there really anybody out there who doesn't know what I do for a living and how many cards I own?

tee hee heeeeeee
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Picture of Trader_Joe
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Hi. My name is Joe. I'm 34, and my wife and I just bought our first (and hopefully last) house. I'm a Physics/Astronomy teacher at a high school outside Philly.

I guess you can't count the Star Wars cards that I bought as a kid (since the ones I still have are not in very good condition). So I guess I became a serious collector in the early 90's, with the first Marvel Universe set and then Impel's Trek sets. Those are two of my favorite subjects to collect, which means I try to be a "completist" on those sets. But I also love all other non-sports cards, and hungrily buy a pack of any TV, movie, fantasy art, or just plain miscellaneous release that I come across.

Being of somewhat limited financial means (see above occupation), I have had to limit my buying impulses and collecting goals. But I still strive for one of the goals I set when I purchased my first copy of NSU....barring the more expensive, pre-1950 sets, I would like to be able to claim that I have at least one pack from every set listed in NSU's price guide. That should keep me busy until I pay off the mortgage on this house (and maybe longer!)

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Hi! I'm Elaine and I've traded cards with a few of you on this board. Thanks to all!! especially Karin, Kevin (Kennywood) and others!!

Barring Tamara, I *might* be one of the older ladies here! I'm in my 40's, single and a professional. And I'm a Stargate-0-holic. I started with Stargate fandom then leapt to trading cards when I laid my eyes on the first set of Stargate SG-1 cards. I have the *ultimate* <sigh!> trading card with a signed 24" x 36" poster of Richard Dean Anderson and the Stargate SG-1 crew in my living room. I also have a signed poster of Kevin Sorbo from Andromeda.

I used to collect comics (mostly DC and some Marvel) before I went to med school. My "collecting bug" was dormant through internship and residency and beyond. But after the first pack of Stargate cards, I'm hooked... and loving it. I have a few old Disney cards and Star Trek cards from my younger days. And, of course, as a dutiful Canadian, I have batches of hockey cards from my younger days, too! And I'm an addicted customer of Tamara & Bob's.

I've been collecting cards for a year. I'm interested in Stargate, Star Trek, Star Wars, Babylon 5 and a few movie and Disney cards. And I'm starting to appreciate the fine art of the Promo card!

Happy Stargating!
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... and I want to know how many cards Tamara owns!

Happy Stargating!
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Picture of Tamara
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Okay, age confession. I'm a thirty-something (although I usually tell people that I'm 12 but I'm built like I'm 13).

Just for you Elaine... I've been sitting here trying to do something instant math. Just a rough estimate, but I'd say roughly 2.2 million.

Tamara wink
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Hello! My name is Chris, I'm 35,and married with two children(9 and 3). I'm not working at the moment, I was diagnosed with kidney failure last year and my last job was to physically demanding.
I have not decided what to try next.

This past March I was bored and wanted to find a hobby. I had fond memories of collecting Star Wars with my Dad as a kid. I had just started going online, so I thought I would go to this ebay place everyone talked about, and check for Star Wars there. I typed in trading cards... and here I am. As far as what I collect, I want everything. But what I get is inexpensive and/or discontinued stuff off ebay, and anything I am able to trade that stuff for. To make a long story short(to late), I love trading cards, and I love it here, you people are great.
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Picture of STCardGeek
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My story lays soley at the feet of my husband..a die-hard TreKKIE since I was like five or 6, my husband tossed a pack of 1991 cards while I was standing bored in a sports-card shop. The family history goes that *I took to it like a duck takes to water* James' version is it's like giving Attila the Hun his first hand ax...snort.
I am/was a registered nurse, turned psycho card dealer with two cute girles..a dog...9 little birds, one parrot (who LOVES to chew on Rittenhouse's wrappers) and a hubby. I'm old enough to know better and do it anyway... ooo..wait I just read what Tamera wrote..that sounds too much like a copy of here..ah well, I'm 39.
Except for DS9, which I don't collect, I have pretty much anything Trek listed in NSU and much much more. I collect phone cards, pogs, foreign cards, anything that don't bite me first.
I suffer from multiple personalities..I collect with a possion, but sell as well. I spend alot of time trying to balance my two sides and came up with this rule...I sell the SECOND of anything that comes into my house..the first is mine and I do NOT sell my own stuff wink I have no least not one anyone has found...once it's mine, it stays mine and I treasure my common cards as much as my rare stuff. I'm terribly opinionated and don't hush when I know I should, but I tend get caught up in my enthusiasm for the hobby and it makes me looopy wink

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Picture of Colin Whyte
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My name's Colin, I'm 30, live in Scotland, have a reasonably understanding wife, and 3 kids (6, 4, 18mths).

I got into trading cards way back in '95 when I started collecting football cards, and have gradually moved into ns by way of various movie/tv sets (especially Stargate SG1 - which I still need some autos from, by the way...)

As for other hobbies, who needs 'em? Cards are king.
big grin


My Wants & Trades
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The response to this post has been amazing - Like Don I am flabberghasted at the number of women in this hobby .....

I wonder if I get a new tag for this - hmmmmmmmmmmmm


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Picture of Over_Worked_Mom
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I am an almost 30 year old mother of 1 who also has quite an understanding husband who turns a blind eye to my "habit". I've taught my now 4 year old son how to open wrappers and sort cards and he has quite the lucky touch when it comes to picking packs with chase cards smile Then again, I may just be a proud mom!
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Picture of Batman
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I'm Bob from New Jersey, I'm 41 and have two childern with my wife Debra. I'm a CPA and play ice hockey and collect non-sports cards for relaxation. I collected Batman cards when I was 5 and rediscovered them in a small card shop about 15 years ago. When I saw a set of Blue Bat cards and said I would take them without asking the price, the salesperson thought I was crazy. It didn't matter how much they cost, I was going to have them. I now also collect newer issues, like Buffy and Angel, and my girls are also collecting, so it's fun to get some boxes and open them together.
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Hmmm....I'm the most *senior* lady so far. big grin And I'm about 2.199 million cards behind Tamara! ... and counting!

Happy Stargating!
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Picture of hippiejewel
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Hey, no picking on Tamara! I've bought cards from her..LOL

Hi! I'm Jewel. I live in the western burbs of Chicago. I'm also an original founder of the Buffy Script Club on Yahoo. I mostly collect Buffy, Angel, Roswell, Witchblade, and recently AOTC. I also love helping people find cards they need to finish subsets. I usually sell on Yahoo auctions unless I trade. I do love coming here and chatting with all my card loving pals. Look at it this way, there are worse hobbies right?? LOL Take care all!!!! big grin

Jewel wink

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I guess it's about time I took a few minutes to post my bit on this thread as well. . . .

My name is Karin, as you might have noted when I sign my posts with my actual name instead of angeleyes777. I am a native Midwesterner, transplanted to California around 3 years ago. I'm 22 years old (add one more to the list of young females in the hobby) and own a home with my fiance, who commutes 80 miles each way with me to the Bay Area every day for work. Incidentally, we're working on starting a business together also. When I'm not working on getting my business up and going, attending classes (since I'm still in college), or feeding my card collecting habit, I work at Network Associates, Inc. as a tax accountant. People never seem to have heard of my company, but when I mention that we own most of, I see a spark of recognition. But, what you really want to know about are my collecting interests, so let's get on with that. . .

I started collecting back in 1998 with Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 1, so that makes me fairly new to the hobby compared to a lot of you. I collected various cards when I was in grade school, but none of them are in any kind of decent condition now, so I don't think that counts.

I've continued to collect all the sets of Buffy cards and Angel cards. In the couple of years, I've started to expand my collection, and it's now becoming a monster threatening to take over my house one room at a time. Most of my collection is from Inkworks, with a few Topps sets (LOTR & Dark Angel) and Dynamic Forces (Witchblade, Fathom, Top Cow Universe) thrown in as well.

I'm into comic books in a big way also (mostly CrossGen, Top Cow, & Buffy), and have recently started a new collection . . . .original comic art. I also have some original trading card art, which I think is so cool. I hope to be able to find some more cool stuff for my walls at this year's Comic-Con (not to mention all the cards I plan on coming home with). big grin

I always have cards for trade, both commons and inserts (and sometimes autographs), so don't be afraid to send me an e-mail, especially if you need something from Buffy or Angel. I've traded with quite a few people on this board (Watcher, Kennywood, xst, Don Norton, etc.).

I also made a great new friend a while back thanks to this board (which actually led to another friendship as well). Kristy's very first post turned into a great friendship between the two of us (as well as another rabid Buffy fan she introduced me to) when we found out we live only minutes apart in the same town! Thanks NSU!

Sorry for making this into an entire novel, but I somehow was actually in the mood to type right now. You now know more about my life than even my coworkers know. Please forgive me for rambling on and on. smile
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My goodness Karin!

Now that Karin has written a book, I'd like to add my thoughts. smile

Karin is one of the nicest and friendliest people you'll ever meet. She's one of my 3 bestest friends and I owe it all to NSU. smile

Karin is also funny as heck and teases me because I'm too nice, I call her the Boss or Leader or Guide. She always knows what to do and is very smart.

I'm threatening to go live in her Buffy room. I'd never leave.

"How dreary to be Somebody...."
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Picture of Perfect Blue
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I think everyone knows by now i'm called Mike...(Or actually Michael...) I'm 20 and live in the Southwest of the UK. The county of Devon to be exact.
I always thought I started collecting cards with the X-files, but I actually remeber further back than that. I think my first card experince was a parody of the olyimics/sports. It had varios monsters doing various sports etc. Then I remember 'garbage pail kids'.
I then got really into Jurrasic park and dinosaurs and collect those cards, and then a little later the X-files.
It wasn't until Buffy came out that cards really took a hold of me. I turned my nose up at most cards though - £40 for an auto! I thought at the time...Now it has become an obsesion I am dearly pay for that mistake - Missing a few of the auto's from my sets, and paying a hidious amount for the ones I managed to track down...

"Sing with me, sing for the year, sing for the laughter sing for the tear.
Sing it with me, sing for today and maybe tomorrow, the good lords gonna take
you away"
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Who are we, but mere specks of life in this vast universe!

My name is J, Jr. member on this forum but a hard core NSC collector living in the Big Apple. Soon to be living in sunny Puerto Rico (before year end.)

I remember my first NSC -- it was the card that came in a Superman comic. That was the year that Superman was kill. The comic came wraped in a black bag and once I oppened it -- there was this card with a big "S" on it.

After that I was hooked (inserts and promos solely by the way) with likes of: Lady Death, anything from Image, Disney, X-Files, Xena, Buffy, Angel, etc.,. Well you name it I might have it. Except for Star Wars and Star Trek. I do have some but those two universes are too big for me.

In fact I ran a "book value" check the other day and have about $32k just in inserts (not counting my comic book collection and some sport cards.) Of course in real money this comes down to less than $11k.

You have to understand that if any one of us will someday sell our collection (force forbid) we will have to sell at 1/3 of the value. Except for real hard to find cards and some limited autograph cards. But my plans are to pass them on in a far, far future.

Anyhow, those are my two cents!

Happy Collecting!

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Hello to all fellow collectors.

My name is Bruce M. Ponzer I have been collecting cards, comics, and other stuff for at least 10 years now. well 10 years for the cards more for the others. My greatest Love is however my wife. She who moves through my life and makes the journey interresting. As to how many card I have well, lets say Being the nutty completist, too much. I Collect Star Trek, Star Wars, Coca Cola, Pepsie, Fantasy art, Lady Death, some movies, swimsuit, pin up, and the ones that my wife frowns on Playboy.

I still have my comic collection, Which is over 30 comic boxs in size. However My Wife has over twice the amount of comics that I do. Did I fail to mention that my wife collects comics as well. I have even got her hooked into buying figurines of her favorite comic book superheroes.

Just a few more tidbits on my collection:
1) over 350 different sets.
2) most insert sets complete
3) have over 40,000 singles available
4) have extra sets
5) love the art of the trade
smile big grin cool wink

last but not least I am currently 36.
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Hey all! I class myself as a newbie especially around here. My name is Denean, I'm 25 a computer Trainer, and from Hobart, Australia. I first started collecting cards about 2 years ago. My first set (nearly complete) was Resident Evil. I play alot of games, and love the Resident Evil series, so I grabbed that set while i had the chance smile
I mainly collect Witchblade, Tomb Raider, Reboot, Buffy, and some hard to find ones like Knight Rider and Resident Evil.
When 'trawling' through other people's sites I prefer to first see what they need. I'm all for helping others first, before myself smile
I got into card collecting late in life, and I had no idea what I was missing!

Hope to trade with more of you! cool
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My name is Robert and I am a 25 year old man. I collect basically autograph cards now and i have sets from Xena, Hercules, Star Trek Voyager. I started collecting about 5 years ago. A buddy of mine was a seller and thats how i started into collecting so I got a few things from him like my Jeri Ryan Star Trek Voyager Profiles Card. And ever since that I have been an ebay junkie buying auto cards lol. Anyways I have a descent collection and hope to increase it even more. Although my favorite card i would love to have is Renee O'Connors Gabrielle card oh well i will get it sometime lol. Anyways that is how i got into collecting.
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