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Your Favourite Sketch Card
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I was thinking about it today. McHaley's style sort of replicates the dappled sunlight shining through the leaves and branches of a tree but it's not just the effect of light and shadow. It's a creative use of color, as you said, so it's like sunlight through multi-colored stained glass. I realized I had seen McHaley's work before, a Bettie Page promo for a Versicolor set.

Yes, that's the Mulder I was talking about (gun up, strollers behind him). It has the look of a 60's-early 70's spy or sci-fi novel.

Yeah, I might commission a sketch at some point.


Originally posted by X:
Originally posted by catskilleagle:
I don't know what you call McHaley's style but it is different - almost like a puzzle. Checked the links. I liked that "Mulder on the street" work. It reminded me of some 60's-70's paperback or album cover art.

While I was going through this thread, I checked on the availability of the sketches of some of the artists that seemed a cut above. Yeah, they were either expensive or more expensive. It would seem a commission is actually the best option. People say you have to get in line and there will be a wait but it's not as expensive as I thought, and hey, I collect cards so I'm used to waiting as I look for cards to complete sets.

Yes, I wouldn't get that Stewart sketch signed either.

As for Vader, it is hard to draw him because of all the angles in the mask and he has that chest plate and control panel. I entered a Star Wars poster contest at school back in 1978. Working with colored pencils, I did something like that Hildebrandt poster but with Vader prominent and background images more prominent and a white background. I wasn't happy with Vader and erased then redrew parts of him. I ended up winning 3rd prize which was a paperback novel. I was happy with that (still have the novel). Some other kid was talking to one of the judges. I happened to be standing behind the judge as the kid pointed out my eraser marks. The judge said something about the whole thing representing the movie. Yeah, kid, not bad for an 8th-grader with no art training. The other two posters were great.


I'm not sure how you would describe McHaley's style either. I'd just go with creative! Lots of geometric shapes within faces and unorthodox use of colour, no-one else does anything remotely similar.

I'm not sure which Mulder you mean (the one with him holding his gun up and the strollers behind him?), if so that is one of the covers he did for the X-Files IDW magazines which he also offered as prints.

I am not a big sketch collector, but it has been really enjoyable to commission some of these artists and give sincere compliments to people who's work I enjoy. It is nice to have some creative input on your own collection as well, by selecting images and having a dialogue with the artist.

...I got hold of some IDW X-Files sketch card blanks and had a phenomenal artist, who was not on the set, complete a commission of Scully from the revival season that had not aired when the cards were originally produced. It is a very special card to me, probably the best of my collection, and one of the best examples of this artists work across any topic, but one I unfortunately cannot share as that was a condition of the artist doing the work. But they were willing to stick their neck out for this fan of their work, and I am very grateful, and that adds to it too.

But it's usually not that complicated and well worth reaching out to the artists you like. Some even have blanks from years past that they never got round to doing anything with.

And who cares about pencil lines? Do that on a sketch card and it's an 'aftermarket'! Wink
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