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Storage Question
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Johnny you've given some great insight there particularly from your perspective as a photographer and how that translates into storage solutions.

I guess digital photographers these days wouldn't understand the techniques needed by film and cell users for analogue photography.

As for card (and comic) collectors, many of the album pages now for comics or trading cards are made of heavyweight polypropylene, acid free, archival quality with no PVC.

I never considered the air moisture issue of display screw down holders.

A slip case for binders is a great idea, saving you time trying to find somewhere to store them away in the dark. I'm not as OCD about dark area, A/C storage as I was 10+ years ago.

But I've heard a lot of forum users who live in very hot climates complain of terrible card warping and discolouration over time which must be any collectors nightmare. Twak
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Yes you're right, digital photographers who only make inkjet prints of their work, if any, often are not educated on the basics of proper display or storage of their work. Film photographers and those who make chemical prints need to be aware of this stuff as the results of incorrect display or storage can have more lasting/quicker negative effects.

That's good to know about more recent sleeves being made without acid or PVC. I will stick to using photographic grade materials though to just error on the side of caution!

Glad to provide a little more food for thought and to get some in return!

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I'm puzzled why Ultra-Pro would take out a full page advert in NSU and only advertise comic storage. Surely they make card products as well Wink
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Originally posted by MvG:

I only had a problem with the soft sleeves, I think they wrinkle to much. So I bought Ultra Pro Card protector sleeves. To store 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 cards. They are perfect! Sizing is consistent, they are long enough to cover the entire card and fit perfectly in a 9 pocket page. You just have to be very, very careful to put the cards in because they are a fraction smaller then soft sleeves.

Just one problem... They have a hologram on the bottom right corner and I don't want that!!
So my question is does anyone know if I can buy Card protector sleeves without the hologram!!

Thanks I had no idea that Ultra pro had sleeves that perfectly fit the 9 pocket pages. I always struggled to find the smallest among their classic sleeves.

You mention that years ago they had a little hologram. Seems they had removed it today. The reference is Ultra Pro 15221

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