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Star Trek Visa cards
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I realize that only a subset of the Trek card collecting world will be interested in this, but is offering Star Trek debit cards, They have about 35 different images on cards that you can pay for stuff and show just how geeky you are.
Now, I personally collect credit cards, which is why I decided to share the info. I'm interested in them more as collectibles then as debit cards. I never swipe them EVER and keep them in 9-pocket pages like any other trading cards.
I have been collecting Trek credit cards for years and though getting this many credit cards could prove...daunting..a girl needs a hobby to stay out of trouble! I added the info to the credit card section of my website if you like card plastic tooooo

Star Trek cards rule, everything else drools.
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I think the Kate Mulgrew one is my fave. They do seem to have struggled with images though, these could have been far better than they are.

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