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Ian Abercrombie dead at 77
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Ian Abercrombie passed away on Thursday in Hollywood. I have his auto card from "Army of Darkness", I know he signed for the "Wild Wild West" movie as well. He was a great character actor and will be missed.

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He was also the voice of Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious for the current Star Wars Clone Wars animated series and signed for the Topps Widevision CW set.

He lived a whole life of fine performance and did so pretty much all the way to the very end, appearing in all manners of things close to the hearts of many on this board throughout.

Three cheers to Ian! He rests in peace now but his work will surely live.

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I have the Wild Wild West card that he signed. So sorry for the loss of such a great actor. Frown

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And the role most people will probably remember, Elaine's boss on a few Seinfeld episodes, Mr. Pitt.

A great character actor indeed.
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