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John Carter
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This Disney film is opening next week and is being billed as the first blockbuster of 2012. I could be wrong, but I think it might be closer to the first clunker of the decade. Big Grin

Disney is very worried, having sunk a fortune into it. The title should have been John Carter of Mars, but they removed the Mars part because recent Disney movies with Mars in the name have died at the box office. They may feel cursed.

Another problem is the look of the film. Carter is supposed to be a Civil War vet transported to Mars, I'm not sure how, but he looks like Tarzan. Not surprising since Edgar Rice Burroughs wrote both stories way back. This does not go with a futuristic Mars story, especially when male model Taylor Kitsch is Carter, he of Wolverine fame.

The TV commercials I've seen are awful. Awful acting, awful special effects, awful sword and sandal look. It's hard to call a movie bad when you haven't seen it and no reviews are out, but this one has all the earmarks, so we shall see.
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i agree he definitely looks a little like tarzan lol


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I'm going to see it on the 16th at the BFI IMAX.
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