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Spongebob Card episode
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My son had the TV on this morning, while I was making his breakfast and lunch for school, and I noticed the title for the next Spongebob said 'The Card'. The episode revolves around 'Mermaid Man {voiced by the late Ernest Borgnine} & Barnacle Boy' trading cards. And even a rare talking lenticular {card #54} that Sppongebob is on the hunt for, so of course I was hooked. The character of Patrick is a real lovable idiot. I tried to find it on You Tube but the only one that was posted the person played the episode backwards for some reason. If you ever get a chance to watch it...spend the ten minutes, it's enjoyable.


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I watched this a few months back with my boys. Patrick pulled a rare card out of the last pack at a store (Spongebob had bought all the rest). Patrick then proceeds to floss his teeth and other things with the card. It made the collector in me cringe!!! A rare near mint card slowly destroyed!!! Watch at your own risk!!! Razz

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I think most of us have done a trade with Patrick Starfish
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My kids and I love that episode.

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