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Dune 2020
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So I'm sure many of us read Frank Herbert's Dune and saw David Lynch's rather unsuccessful attempt to bring it to the big screen. There was also a TV mini-series that did only marginally better and now there is the new Dune for 2020. Well it was supposed to be released later this year, not sure whether it makes it out or gets held over to 2021.

I just caught the trailer, visually patterned after Star Wars of course, which is funny because Star Wars did a good job of lifting some ideas from Dune. In this one Timothee Chalamet gets to play Paul Atreides. He doesn't do much in the trailer besides flash his cut-glass cheekbones. In fact there isn't much to see besides actors with good bone structure in the trailer.

I have always been of a mind to think that Dune is just one of those books that is unfilmable. Lynch tried it and it was pretty incoherent by the end. Too much was cut out by the studio and some of the stuff left in just didn't work. It started out good, got progressively worse and then wrapped it up fast and bad. Some of the best moments in the book looked stupid on film.

Just one of those stories that are better in the imagination and when you can understand what the author is saying without some second translator. Anyway this is another remake that I just don't see any reason to do, but we shall see what happens eventually.
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How about a miniseries, "Duncan Idaho: A Dune Story" with a new resurrection each episode?
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It must be massively cheap to get the rights to 'Dune'. There is so much going on in the book series that how anyone can believe they can translate it to the screen is fooling themselves. I am not going to see the new attempt when it does come out.
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