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the new james bond film
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So Spectre just opened in the US and the reviews are in the papers today. I'm sure it will be Number 1 at the box office this weekend regardless, but the reviews have been bad across the board for anything except the overall look of the movie and a terrific opening sequence. After that it becomes Skyfall without the good parts, like Dench and Bardem. Forbes actually called it "the worst Bond film in 30 years". Polygon called it "the most disappointing film of the Daniel Craig era". And so on.

I did read the term Bondologists used in a newspaper review for the first time I can remember, which refers to fans so invested that they can tell when the office wallpaper changes. Big Grin

The two bright spots that I was looking forward to are apparently not there either. Monica Bellucci, talked up as being the first age appropriate "Bond girl" has two scenes and no real role. Waltz, who everyone expected to be a great villain, is less than boring doing a second rate Bardem impression. That's surprising, the press usually loves his acting.

I also know that I will eventually get around to seeing this movie on DVD the same way I have seen all the other Craig era Bonds when I couldn't find anything better. That is why Bond still endures, it's always a classy movie.

Most reviewers are still predicting that Craig might be done, even with his contract for one more. I would really like to see someone else as Bond that can put more joy into these films, not camp, just not a sour puss. Wink And if Craig is only doing what the producers love, than the producers should stop being such Bondologists and get back to entertaining movies.
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If there is anyone seeing this film in Texas this weekend, the chain of Alamo Drafthouse theaters is selling an exclusive Bond comic book, only 1,000 made. I could use help in finding one !
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