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Nicholas Brendon
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This is sad news for us Buffy fans, but Nicholas Brendon was recently arrested for fraud, drugs and probation violation. Didn't make the news till now. He tried to claim the identity of his twin brother for awhile.

Brendon has had lots of troubles before and sort of bounced back, but not sure about now. He is only 50 and his mug shot looks like a 70 year old man. I can barely see a resemblance and its obvious what he's been doing.

At this rate he's not even good for Pop Century and Buffy shows. He's also been accused of domestic violence along the way, so this is just a train wreck. Maybe he'll be able to get his life together if he isn't on the streets. Such a shame how some celebrities wind up, but it can be the same with anybody.

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That is such a pity.
I really liked him, and all the others actors, on Buffy.
I recall seeing him break down on a talk show some years ago.
I hope he can get his life back on track.
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It is certainly true that it can happen with anyone

I went to high school in NY with a clean cut guy from an upper middle class family. He went to a top college. No one that I knew of heard from him in many years.

Saw over the summer his obituary in the local newspaper. He ended up being a car mechanic in some small town out west, and dying under unknown circumstances at age 47. He didn't even remotely resemble what he looked like in his early 20s.
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