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Cancelled !!!!!!!!!!!!! Syfy has done it again. A TV series that was enjoyed by many is now over after 2 seasons.

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The early bird catches the worm, the second mouse gets the cheese.
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At least you got two seasons. Back when they still spelled it right, the SciFi channel cancelled The Dresden Files after the 13 episodes of Season One. And that was after they butchered the Pilot, never aired the original, and put it out as an edited 8th episode. Talk about getting no support and the show was still very good. What a waste. ScyFy lets junk run forever and dumps good shows without giving them any help. Frown
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I really enjoyed Alphas, but it was obviously taking up too much airtime that could be used for the same old dross everyone else is showing rather than something different Shake Head
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Never watched the show, but didn't Cryptozioc just pick up this license? Wonder if they'll ever be made now with only 2 seasons produced?

Next show to be cancelled by Syfy is going to be Warehouse 13, I can just see it happening.
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That's terrible news, it will be very interesting to see what Cryptozoic do now. I wonder how far into the process they are, and if they're hoping they aren't too far in to pull out of making the set.

I hate Syfy, they cancelled Farscape, I'll always hate them Big Grin
Oh but please there is only one show on that channel that I watch and love they better not cancel it!! I'm not even going to say it's name and jinx it Big Grin I know it's good for at least another season though since it was announced it was renewed for a fourth.
Why has no one made a Haven set yet??!!
whoops... Twak
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