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Almost no posts about Walking Dead anymore for the show or the cards. I don't know if that's because everyone stop posting or stopped watching or stopped buying. Wink

With the latest revelation, I won't spoil it but you know which one I mean if you are still following in December 2017, I was wondering if this might kill what is left of the original premise. Not only does it deviant from the source material, it also seems to render a lot of the promise pointless to me. I was thinking that perhaps some change would pop up, but I understand that the actor has been let go, so it would seem not.

I have not be faithful to this series, only checking in occasionally, so I was wondering how loyal viewers feel about its direction now.
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I like this latest twist. I was never a fan of that particular character and always felt that the show was at it's best when it deviated from the source material, so this is right up my alley. Another thing I like about it is that this twist is that it's a major <bleep>-you to those annoying "I read the comics, so I know what's going to happen" know it alls that seem to permeate discussion threads about the show.

BTW, I was reading the comic long before the show came along and actually like the show better than the source material as Kirkman seems to like to drag his feet with the comic while the show has a better flow and stronger characterization.

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For me, season 8 has been way beyond the usual ridiculous. I may arbitrarily catch the show in the future but I have no reason to waste my Sunday night watching anymore.

With all my complaints about Cryptozoic, Topps took was was basically a really nice release and dumped a design of defecation all over it. Other than a couple of individual autographs purchased on the secondary market, I dont want this product littering my collection.

As best I can tell Andrew Lincoln and Lauren Cohan have not signed for any Topps release. If only Norman Reedus would slow his roll a bit, dude is flooding the market.

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