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Louis Jourdan RIP
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Just seen the announcement that Louis Jourdan died on Saturday 14th February in Los Angeles aged 93.

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Sad to hear, Frown I hope Rittenhouse have got a box of autographs or this will be a big miss in the Bond sets.

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Louie Jourdan came up in Hollywood as a kind of poor man's Maurice Chevalier. He was the suave French lover in his younger days and then the cunning villain later on. Besides his early movies, he will be remembered by Bond fans and for one of my guilty pleasures, the campy but fun, Swamp Thing. RIP Mr. Jourdan.
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He was in both Swamp Thing movies, the second one being the highlight for me, Swampy just looked so much better.

I'm a longtime fan of Swamp Thing in the comics, so it was great to see the malevolent Anton Arcane brought to life by Louis Jourdan, who chewed some great scenery in those movies.

Rest in peace, Louis Jourdan, you were one classy dude...

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