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Actor Andy Griffith dies
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I was really hit hard when I heard this news earlier today. I have always been a big Andy Griffith fan.

Besides The Andy Griffith Show, and Matlock, I also enjoyed the show "Salvage 1" which was great for its time.

He will always be missed......

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A wonderful man, and very talented. For those only familliar with his later work, take a look at the movie "A Face in the Crowd" for some Academy Award worthy work from early in the great man's career.

Sheriff Andy Taylor of Mayberry and propane salesman Hank Hill of Arlen, Texas, were the two TV dads I learned the most from about doing the right thing, even when it was difficult, indeed, especially when it was difficult.

No matter how crazy things were around them, they'd always work it out somehow and that was the fun of watching "The Andy Griffith Show" and "King of the Hill". To me, the shows were one and the same and I cherish them both.

Rest in peace, Mr. Griffith.

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Andy Griffith was a very talented actor, but he made it look so easy that I don't think he got the credit he deserved. At least many, many people have fond memories of his work. RIP.
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Didn't fully appreciate the scope of his work or his talent until I saw "No Time for Sergeants".

It is still one of my very favorite movies of all time.
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