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New 2013 TV Shows
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If anybody sees a new 2013 TV show that would make for a good card set post it here.

The two best possibilities might be Sleepy Hollow and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and maybe Blacklist.

The last two come on next week. Sleepy Hollow was a disappointment for me. I liked the lead actors, but the story had bits from every demonic plot ever filmed. Its was just silly, and that was before they showed next weeks scenes. Wink It's off my list.
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I've watched both episodes of Sleepy Hollow, and I enjoyed them. You may be right about the storyline being copied from other films, but since I usually don't watch these types of films, its all new to me.

I think there are too many card sets based on any show with a sci fi or supernatural theme.
I would like to see something completely different. Go back to some older shows -

Survivor has had a long run for something like 20 seasons or so (doing 2 a year). There are lots of interesting characters, twists, and special moments in this show, chnces for autos abound, and relics, in the form of buffs or maybe one of Rupert's tie dyed shirts...

Another old show worthy of a card set - Saturday Night Live, wouldn't it be cool to see all the old cast members?

Survivor and SNL have both been done on cards, Survivor as a game set, but I really would love to see something like this than another TV drama.

Just my 3 cents worth...
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I agree with a Survivor set. I toyed with making my own set (created cards for Season 1). Lots of possibilities with this.

How about a "How I Met Your Mother" set. I know this is the final year, but its a great cast, and could have a great set of autos.
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