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Taschen Books
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Taschen is a publisher that makes huge coffee-table books of various subjects. They've got several recent and upcoming books that may be of interest here:

Taschen has several recent release and upcoming books that my be of interest to some here.

Winsor McCay The Complete Little Nemo

Frank Frazetta

Fantastic Four 1961-1963

Fantastic Four 1961-1963 Special Edition

Spiderman 1962-1964

The Avengers 1963-1965

History of EC Comics
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Been lugging my Taschen 75 Years of Marvel to cons for a few years now. My last count was 63 different autographs and over 20 drawn images.

I don't have enough coffee tables for all of these!!

Just because it's rare doesn't mean it's valuable.
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I only have the one table and both my cats like to spread themselves on it regardless of what may already be there. Often the only time the space clear is when they decide to sleep on the bed. They however avoid the side tables we have so coffee cups go there instead.



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