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robin williams dead ?
sad to hear he has reportedly killed himself what a waste .r.i.p
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Rainbow Randolph, Sean Maguire, Perry, Vladimir Ivanoff, Garp, Mork from Ork, and dear Robin Williams. I will miss them all...

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He has past away from an apparent suicide. Very sad news.
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Robin Williams has been fighting his own personal demons his whole life. When I heard the news I first thought that he had overdosed, as he was recently back in rehab. Even sadder than that, as it would seem.

He entertained a whole lot of people and I hope he has found his peace.
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Shake Head Sad news.

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He was one of my favorites. The world seems a little less funny right now.

It seems the funniest people often have the biggest personal demons too.

Sad for the family he has left behind. Shake Head


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Nanooooooooooooooooooo Frown

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