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The Expendables 2
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I saw the movie The Expendables 2 yesterday and even though I really liked the first one, I thought this one fell flat. If you have to see, it either wait for a matinee, or better yet a $2 movie house.

It's one of those movies that the trailer has all the good lines and scenes in it. All the rest is just filler.

I did score a cool movie poster for the next Bourne movie...The Bourne Legacy.

"A man has got to know his limitations."
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Ha! As usual, I feel just the opposite. I kind of thought the first Expendables was way too corny and dull, but I really liked Expendables 2, especially the first 20 minutes or so. It got a bit corny near the end, but I still liked it a LOT better then the first one.

There were no Bourne Legacy posters at my theater! Wahhh! Ok, I loved The Bourne Identity, absolutely hated the next two, and liked Bourne Legacy, although they once again screwed up every fight and action scene.
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Haven't seen it yet, but its doing good box office for a slow time of year. I enjoyed the first one, so I guess I have the mindset to enjoy even more of the same here.

I heard someone is floating the idea of making the same type of movie with the better known female action stars of the past. That could be fun, but it would be harder to pull off.
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