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William Windom R.I.P.
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Mr. William Windom died last Thursday, at the age of 89.

According to his widow, Patricia Tunder Windom, the actor died on August 16, 2012, aged 88, at his home in Woodacre, California, from congestive heart failure. He was survived by four of his children – Rachel, Heather, Hope and Rebel – and four grandchildren.

I will remember him mostly for his role of Commodore Decker from the classic Star Trek episode "The
Dommsday Machine."

R.I.P., sir.

"A man has got to know his limitations."
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My wife and I are huge fans of 'Murder She Wrote' and an episode in Cabot Cove with William Windom as Seth Hazlett is always a highlight. We were both sad to hear this news.

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He was in many things over the years, including the 1981 Incredible Hulk episode "East Winds", playing a cop. He was in that 1985 TV film "Surviving" in which Molly Ringwald committed suicide, and played Mr. Wilson in a 1987 Dennis the Menace TV film, among others.
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He also signed for a number of sets, including Twilight Zone Season 1, Start Trek TOS Season 2 and TOS Art and Images.

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I'm sorry to hear this. I think he was also the military man in the "Five Characters In Search of an Exit" episode of the original Twilight Zone (and he signed for the Premiere TZ cards set, too.). That episode really freaked me out as a kid, a neat premise and fine acting from all involved, Mr. Windom in particular.

Rest in peace, good sir.

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