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Pirates of the Caribbean 6
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Disney is doing yet another "Pirates" film, but no Johnny Depp this time
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I saw that. For me Depp as Jack Sparrow is why I eventually see the Pirates films. Without him, I know I will not see the new one in a theatre.
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As someone whos follwed the franchise since childhood and now feels so old seeing friends taking their own kids to see it I think it's sad an entire generation is growing up on rehashed or over done franchises from their parents generation.

That aside I'm intrigued to see how POTC 6 goes. I feel it should be more a fresh start to reboot than a continuation of the J Depp era.

Sadly he as an actor has fallen out of favour rather than the character being out of fashion with the target audience and fanbase.

There will be critics but I think they could salvage this franchise from the depths of modern film drudgery.

Won't be surprised if they pull a 'Doctor Who' and come back with a predominantly female cast of characters. A stark contrast with POTC 1 COTBP where Keira Knightley was by and large and token woman in an enormous male cast.

Whilst I don't agree with political moves for film franchises it is sadly a new 'standard' tactic to try and engage audiences through controversy over quality.
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