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Whitney Houston dead at 48
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Whitney Houston has been found dead at 48 in a Beverley Hills hotel room.

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Oh, that is terrible news Frown Whitney will always remain one of my favourite singers, her voice was amazing. This is just shocking news to me, but not unexpected unfortunatley.
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What a shame, she had such a beautiful voice.

For the last few weeks there have been stories in the press that she was not healthy and her recent comeback try was pretty much a disaster. People should remember her the way she was before it all went wrong. RIP Whitney.
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Very sad Frown

She was my favorite singer and it is really sad to think that she will never have her comeback.

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Yes, that really is a shame. Such a shame how troubled her life became and that it seemed like she could never stage the real comeback she should have been capable of.
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Here she is on a trading card, doing what she did best. This performance of the National Anthem was not only issued by popular demand as a single record the next day, but it came to prominence a decade later, helping to soothe the country in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. So enormous were her abilities back then, it seemed like she didn't even have to try very hard to deliver her powerhouse performance, instantly the stuff of legend. It has properly set the standard for all who follow.

The card is from a football card set from the short-lived ProSet company, but is decidedly a non-sports card, which they sprinkled through various football sets. This one was always one of my favorites and is now, sadly, moreso.

ProSet also did the Music SuperStars set during their brief run (1989-1993) and Whitney has a few cards in that. Nice full color publicity shots, all showing her at her best, which is how I will remember about her.

If you were around in 1984 and 1985 when she first hit it big, it was hard to believe this singer was only 20 years old. Her voice pretty much overnight became the new measure of excellence. While other pop singers since have approached and maybe even equalled her skill at its peak level, it's hard to imagine she will ever be surpassed.

She did achieve a kind of perfection in life for a time, and their are numerous recordings of that for people to continue to enjoy, and they will.

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