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Does anybody think someone will pick up this licence? The cast is superb, so in autographs alone the potential is fantastic.
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This is probably the best drama on television that nobody's watching. I would be all in for a card set. Amazing cast. But since the ratings have been less than stellar I doubt it'll happen. I'm just glad we're getting a second season. Hopefully it can gain a bigger following.
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Well speaking only for myself, I tried to watch Hannibal on two separate occasions and didn't go past the first 15 minutes either time. It was worst than Criminal Minds has gotten to be with so many dark themes and damaged good guys. These shows are downers and I just don't find them entertaining anymore, even though I still enjoy Dexter and always watched Criminal Minds until somewhere around the 4th season, when it just ran out of plots and started coming up with unbelivably brutal cases.

I don't see a show like Hannibal surviving a second season. It won't gain any new viewers over those already invested in the story and, if that was only marginal for the 1st season, it can't do anything but decrease.
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Great show, would like a set but yeah, highly unlikely...
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I actually missed Hannibal and now it's 6 episodes in over here in UK. There is/was just too much to watch lately and Hannibal missed out to Continuum, Defiance, Game of Thrones, Being Human USA, Touch, Grimm, Oliver Stone's Untold History of the United States and The Borgias. Add those to Counting Cars, 4 Rooms, Come Dine with Me and the odd Storage Unit auction show and there aren't enough hours in the days to watch everything.
Sounds like I watch too much Telly as it is LOL
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