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Supernatural Seasons 1-3 from Cryptozoic
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They just keep announcing new stuff as fast as they release things...

Cardboard Connection has some new information on the set.

The base set has 72 cards and includes images from the show's first 60 episodes.

Although it's subject to change, both of the lead stars, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, have committed to signing autographs for 2014 Cryptozoic Supernatural Seasons 1-3. The tentative autograph list also includes Tricia Helfer, Lauren Cohan, Linda Blair, Travis Wester, Chad Lindberg, Emmanuelle Vaugier and Loretta Devine.

The checklist of Wardrobe Cards is expansive, clocking in at 19 cards. These include a costume swatch embedded in the card. Collectors can expect to find cards from most of the show's main characters. 2014 Cryptozoic Supernatural Seasons 1-3 also has seven Dual Wardrobe Cards.

Other inserts in the release include Soft-Touch Supernatural (1:12 packs) and Character Bio Shadowbox cards.

Seems to be the normal 1 auto and 1 wardrobe card per box.

Looks good, and I know Supernatural fans would love another shot at the brother's autographs. I just hope there is something there that is new and fresh. New signers would be great. But if nothing else the next set will be entirely new territory.


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It will be nice to also get some of the above mentioned autographs not on sticker cards too.

I think the Cryptozoic blog also mentioned a few other signers here including Samantha Smith, Rachel Miner, Sebastian Roché and Emily Perkins but they must not all be for the first set since only Samantha was on the show during Seasons 1-3.

I was lucky enough to get both brothers from the Inkworks sets so I'm more interested in getting some of the new signers and actors that don't do the Supernatural convention circuit. It will be interesting to see what kind of wardrobe cards they have since those seasons were so long ago.
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Darn you Crypo for doing SPN. I was trying to be a more financially responsible collector. Consider that goal trashed Smile

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I don't know, doesn't sound like anything that interesting. We've had those signers with Inkworks and they always did plenty of costume cards. I have no interest in more costumes, I must have more than 20 already for the first 3 seasons of the show.

I think most people are going to be interested in the following set, focusing on seasons Inkworks never produced.

Hopefully they can get Katie Cassidy to sign as Ruby and of course the father of Sam and Dean.
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