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Final Fantasy VII Museum Art Cards
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We always hear about wanting new sets, new ideas, new cards. Here's one that's not exactly New, but it's a fresh set: Final Fantasy. I think there was a set for Spirits Within, and there is a game, but these are trading cards with a digital element.

Open for orders from Friendly Dealers everywhere, these are due out in May of 2023.

Card collection commemorating 25th anniversary of FINAL FANTASY VII, featuring over 200 artworks which can be collected both physically and digitally, allowing fans to enjoy their cards anywhere, anytime. This is a display box that contains 20 card packs. Each card pack contains 6 physical trading cards randomly selected from all 207 design variations, along with 1 exchange ticket that can be redeemed for any one digital card of choice!

Total 207 design variations to collect, both as physical trading cards and digital cards. - 99 x Normal Cards - 99 x Premium foil cards - 3 x Variant normal cards - 3 x Variant premium foil cards - 3 x Secret Cards This collection is a great way to collect your favorite cards filled with the charm of FINAL FANTASY VII.

Digital cards uses blockchain technology known as NFTs. Using a exchange ticket which comes inside every pack, you can redeem any one digital card of choice from total of 207 design variations. Much like physical trading cards, digital cards offer collectors the opportunity to easily enjoy their collection on their smartphone or PC. *The redemption details using the exchange ticket will be announced at a later time. Certain design types of digital cards may have different redemption periods. *For more details, please visit the dedicated website that is scheduled to open at later date. *In order to redeem digital cards, Enjin wallet app will be required. You are also required to create an account (free) with the Enjin NFT platform and agree to their terms and conditions. For more information visit here.

Trading Page Now Online:

Collecting Sketches of the Character Crystal

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I know it's keeping up with market innovations, but I really have to wonder if combining physical trading cards and digital cards really brings in more buyers than it loses?

I wouldn't want a digital card, but if I did want to engage in NFTs, why would I want real cards? It seems like either way, buyers are being asked to pay extra money for something they don't collect.

Hybrid products may sound like the best of both worlds, but only to those interested in both worlds.
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