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Rofj 3d box?
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Originally posted by Scifi Cards:
Originally posted by Kevin F:
Would have been nice to have one at that price but the almost $27 shipping to the UK is a bit too much Frown

Hate to admit it, but the actual postage to send a binder to the UK is about $24. $3 for handling isn't much either. I don't think Topps is getting rich on shipping these abroad. They didn't used to ship outside the US at all.

Unfortunately Ed, I know you are right Frown Shipping a binder from here to the States would probably be around the same. Whatever the reasn, it's still too much for me.

Just out of interest, do these binders ship with pages that can hold the widevision cards or do you have to source those yourself ?
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These binders usually do not come with the pages. Topps used to include them, as I recall, but it's been a while since they have now.

I wonder what it would cost to send 4 or 5 of these to England at once? Even if it were $40, that would just be $8-$10 per binder, not horrible, and if they could've been purchased during that brief period (which could happen again) when they were discounted $6 to $13.99, that would even cover most of that shipping cost.

While I realize England (and greater Europe) isn't exactly tiny, and distributing the binders to their buyers once they've made it across the pond could raise a whole new set of expenses, it seems like it would be a good idea to form a buying club if at least 4 or 5 interested collectors could be found to participate for the purposes of bringing the overall shipping charges to the downright economical levels of only five years ago (especially when "surface" mail was still in existence).

I would say we didn't know how good we had it back then with regards to the then very reasonable cost of overseas shipping except that I remember sending even larger packages internationally in those days and being astonished at how little it cost. "The post office can't possibly be making any money on this transaction" I used to think, and I must've been right, since the shipping costs have approximately doubled twice over the last 7 years or so since I used to think that.

Shame, really. I used to send a good 25% of things I sold overseas, but that number is likely well under 5% now, and modern shipping charges are pretty much the only reason for that.

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