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Outcast (Skybound/Sidekick Lab)
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A set of Outcast trading cards was released at San Diego Comic-Con. It's a basic release with base cards, printing plates and not much else.

Here are all the details and a video box break:

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I like the look of the box and packs, they have a real retro look about them.

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I love the TV series. Fugit in the lead is doing Emmy-worthy work. I was really surprised to see these cards, as I'd heard nothing about them. I bought a box that I haven't opened yet and a couple of loose packs.

I don't know if the guys mentioned it in the youtube break, but there is a thin piece of blank cardboard in the back of each pack to prevent any of the Outcast cards themselves from getting any wax on them, which they would have, because the entire outer wrapper seems coated in wax. It's the best of both worlds: a very retro look and feel, but no cards damaged inside the packs and a modern day bell and whistle, a printing plate, to boot. The cards have a flat surface and would be ideal for autographs. The backs feature a photo-puzzle, the kind regularly seen on sets up until the early 1990's.

The packs are very waxy on the outside and I had them in a team bag with a few loose promos I'd picked up elsewhere. I was in the sun for a few hours yesterday and apparently they got so hot the wax from the outside of the packs transferred to the promos that were touching them. They looked just like the back card in a pack from the old days, stained by the hot wax used to seal the pack. I was able to wipe it off and save the promos, but it was some pretty cool nostalgia for a moment there.

Good stuff, Skybound and Sidekick. The 24 pack boxes are $100 and loose packs are $5. When I bought mine, I talked to who I think was the "main" guy and I thanked them for making these and asked him to keep the cards coming. Hopefully these will sell through, and that will make the decision easy.

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