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THE FLASH Season 2 (Cryptozoic)
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Originally posted by ravenheart:
And finally one of the DC-verse sets will matter.

Originally posted by Logan:
According to The Cardboard Connection Grant Gustin signed only 4 of each of the 3 different versions for a grand total of 12 autograph cards. Eek

I take it back.

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Originally posted by ts:
Seriously 12 cards?!? I mean how difficult could it be to sign 50 of them? Takes a few minutes longer.

Technically not even 12, because there are 3 different cards and only 1 pictures Gustin in the Flash outfit.

This is very much like what they did for Orphan Black with Maslany signing several different clone cards, except that she had more total autographs and a couple were so short that they were even designated as incentive cards.

This may seem like a bright idea to a card manufacturer, but that's because they don't ask collectors. Even supposing that its the celebrity who decides he/she can only spare one or two dozen signatures, why divide up something that is already less than minimal? At least make one card of it and maybe someone has the possibility of a complete set.

This kind of stuff does not inspire collectors to buy product, it discourages them. It may encourage speculators to buy, but that's not what is needed because the cases are produced low enough to sell out anyway and you don't have enough boxes to make a killing on speculators either. It just seems counter-productive no matter which way you look at it. Roll Eyes
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I'm pumped that I actually have a chance to pull a grant Gustin auto. It's a small chance but it's awesome he signed a few. Does anyone know how many cases are being made?
The rest of the auto list is stacked,
-Teddy Sears as jay Garrick/zoom
-12 autos of Barry Allen/the flash
-Katie Cassidy (even though she's signed a lot lately)
-Casper crump as vandal savage
-Emily Bett Rickards as felicity
-Violett Beane as Jesse quick
-wentworth miller as Leonard snart
-Neal McDonough as Damien dark
-John Wesley shipp as jay Garrick/Barry's dad.

Does anyone else see this product increasing in value? Where most the the arrow sets after season 1 lost value?
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Release date is May 24.
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Looks like Batman pulled one of the 12 Gustin autos, according to his breakdown below
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