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Don Pedicini, Jr.
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I saw this on Don's web site dated 03/07/2011
"After working on sketch cards almost exclusively for 4 years it has come time to change direction. The market has changed there and it is not what it was even a year ago. So much time is put into these small works of artwork and now the benefits are not matching the time put into them. Thank you to everyone that has bought my sketchcards in the past and to the companies that gave me work. I am still creating artwork but not on sketch cards anymore."

Good news, though. Don’s sketches are still in the pipeline with Versicolor's Bettie Page series probably being the final series. So we haven't seen the last of him yet.

Here are two of my favorites (because I own them) from Breygent's Cartoon Sketches.


Felix (artist proof):

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Bill D.

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Don is a super talented guy and while he did make that announcement he has subsequently stated on Facebook that he will work on his own projects.

He needs to step back from cards for a number of reasons, but he will be back at a later stage to produce work on his Nosferatu set that we were due to release in Oct. It is on hold for now but Don will be back, but don't expect to see him on many sets. It is a shame but it's sometimes better to just walk away.

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Sometimes it just makes sense to step away for awhile. And if he gets the itch again, he will be welcomed back with open arms.

Don was going to be a guest at the Cleveland CECE show, I wonder if he's still coming...


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I just bought two beautiful CSI sketches off Don on Ebay.As others have said I beleive he will still be doing sketches on cards,just not working on any more sets where he gets paid a pittance for his work.

I think this is the start of a trend where the top artists who put a lot of time into their work and who see cards they were paid a couple of dollars to do selling for $100+ go their own way like with the Sketchlords and Treasure Chests and Booty sets.
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Hello everyone, Yes, Don is confirmed he will be there. So make your plans and come out to Ohio.
The artist list will be updated after this weekend's Chicago Spring Fling.
Thanks Paul
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I completely understand his decision... the sketchcard world can be both rewarding and very discouraging. I wish Don all the success he deserves and hope he stays in contact! Smile

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I did rethink my approach and decided to just do my own artwork now as well as several projects that will be on my own terms and or with a one on one with a company or with other artists.
I have worked on sketch cards for the past 4 years and about 80% has been for companies which I am very grateful. However with the tight deadlines and wide range of stock it is hard to do what I want to create on the cards which is my stipple artwork.
Now I can approach this differently in the way that I have changed my deviantart name to stippleartist and can concentrate soley on my own stock and what I want to create for myself and for commissions.
It's hard for companies to I think juggle the business aspects of base cards, sketch cards dealing with artists etc all at once. That is probably a big reason for the deadlines, etc. I just want to create the best artwork I can to put out there.

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