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Monsterwax Mirror #4 (News from Monsterwax for Black Friday/ Cyber Monday 2014)
Picture of monsterwax
The Monsterwax Mirror!
“All the Monsterwax news fit to print!”
Issue #4 Nov 2014

Welcome to the 3rd annual Monsterwax Mirror! It ain’t anything fancy, just our rare (once or twice a year) newsletter about goings on at Monsterwax. A lot is happening, so let’s get digging!

If you wish to be removed from our free newsletter list, please email back with the subject heading, "REMOVE ME FROM MONSTERWAX." (Your address will NOT be sold to or traded with anyone else.)

Monsters & -- Now Shipping

Our blood curdling tale of Halloween Horror is finally shipping, and we want to thank everyone who ordered and made it possible (as well as their kind patience). It’s unlike any other trading card series before it (and probably after it, too)! This is a series that mixes reality and nightmares into an unforgettable blend of psychotic terror! Christmas time is a traditional time for telling ghost stories around the burning Yule log. If you like ‘em scary, add this tale to your collection of bone chillers. You won’t be disappointed!

Our Underground Comics Kickstarter Campaign

Chick tracts are definitely NOT cards, but they are underground comics and a lot of people collect them just the same. (They are very cheap, collectible, and their 3 x 5” size fits well in 4 pocket binder pages.) While some are angered by their “in your face” religious message, others collect them for the conspiracy theories or really neat comic art. (Most collectors are not Christians.) Jack Chick has been personally drawing most of them since 1961, and he’s printed over 850 million of them, making him the most published author and cartoonist alive. It’s a stunning achievement, especially since he hasn’t had any corporate funding. At 90 years of age, he’s STILL drawing and cranking them out, and this January will see his 250th original tract story released by Chick Publications.

To celebrate this one-of-a-kind American, we’ve started a Kickstarter campaign to fund the reprinting of arguably his rarest promo tract from 1970, called THE LOST CONTINENT. (Only two copies were ever found, and they were cut up and pasted inside a binder.) For $1,000, we can reprint this “lost” tract with a special message on the back cover acknowledging Chick’s nearly 55 years of writing, drawing, and self publishing these unique pieces of Americana. Chick’s drawing has to eventually end, even though at after nine decades, his cartoons are better than ever. He deserves some recognition BEFORE he passes on. Why not check it out and consider pledging something, even if it’s just a dollar. This will probably be our last chance to salute his amazing comic /publishing achievement (even though most his readers don’t share his faith). Contributors also receive great swag, which make very amusing Holiday gifts. The web address is:

Black Friday-Cyber Monday Special

Looking for an unusual Christmas gift this season? Then Monsterwax has your back with one of our most popular series, DON’T LET IT HAPPEN HERE. This series has sensational true stories and dramatic artwork in the tradition of “Horrors of War,” while still maintaining the hyper-patriotic tone of the 1938 series that inspired it (“Don’t Let It Happen OVER Here”). The entire series was painted by Ricardo Garijo, Sr, (before his untimely death) and the art is beautiful. Released in 2003, it was prophetic in highlighting many of the unknown international stories that have since become national headlines (including modern slavery, honor killings, and Muslim attacks on non-Islamic neighbors).

Now through Cyber Monday, you can order this series for just $9.95 (33% off!) Order now and DON’T LET IT HAPPEN HERE!

Update on Dinosaur Galaxy

Those of you who follow us on facebook have been seeing a lot of the Dinosaur Galaxy original art cards. They are stunning pieces of unique art seeded in every box. But the base cards are is even more amazing, with three different artists, each doing their own era. We’re still shooting for a winter release, but this series is too good to be rushed. It is, after all, hundreds of millions of years in the making!

The Monsterwax haunt MADE IT

We told you last time that they sold the building where our haunted house was held for 15 years, and that we were moving to a new location. Well, despite many who thought we couldn’t possibly open this year, we did—although later than we wanted. (The important thing is that we opened before Halloween—our 16th year of doing so!) The customers had a blast, and we had an even bigger blast terrorizing them. Now we can’t wait till NEXT season…

And last, but not least:
Join us on Facebook!

If you haven’t joined our Facebook page before, stop by and see what it has to offer. We give all sorts of previews of incoming original art cards, the only place most of this one-of-a-kind stuff will ever be posted. Plus we discuss our projects and get valuable feedback

You can join us at:

If you wish to contribute a story or idea to be included here, please do! Email:

That's it for this edition of the Monsterwax Mirror. Thanks for checking out our humble horror rag, and help us keep those cards and (news)letters coming (especially the cards!) Buy Monsterwax!

All Contents copyright © 2014 Monsterwax

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