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Archer (Cryptozoic) set details announced!
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From Cryptozoic's website:

There is an upcoming set that I've been very excited to start talking about because we are looking to do a lot of really fun things with it, and it's the Archer Trading Cards! We first announced the license at the Fall Philly Non-Sports Card Show, and we were very pleased to get so many positive reactions. But there have been a lot of questions from fans about the set regarding content. So, now that we are a little further along in the product development cycle, with some things approved by the licensor, we are finally ready to spill the beans, or some of them at least!

The base set will feature episodic images from Seasons 1 – 4, with nine cards dedicated to each of the main characters: Archer, Lana, Malory, Carol Cheryl, Pam, Krieger, and Woodhouse. Instead of retelling the story of the show, as most base sets attempt to do, I decided to focus on some of the best moments for each character to offer a different experience for the collectors and highlight the hilarity of the characters.

The chase sets include, "Welcome to ***** Island," "Inappropriate Workplace Moments," and "Sterling Archer's Spy (Just the) Tips." That being said, I think it should be very clear to everyone that this set will be rated M for Mature. But, we are really having fun coming up with a set that is very authentic to the humor of the show, and I really hope everyone who is looking forward to this set will have really good time looking through all the cards and reliving some of their favorite moments!

Sketch cards will be included (on average 1:24 packs), and George has been working very hard to get some amazing artists on the set, including some of the folks that work on the show. We'll announce some of the artists a bit later (after we get cards back in house), but this should be another great line-up.

I'm really excited for an insert that we just got approvals to include: completely-fake wardrobe cards entitled, “Totally Fabricated,” (this awesome name is thanks to the very talented designer working on the set, John Vineyard!). Fans will now be able to collect pieces of material that were not used in production, such as:

Archer's Slightly Darker Black Tactleneck

Pam's Dolphin Puppet

Lana's Knockoff Fiachi Lingerie


Archer's Ping-Pong Paddle

We are also working to include authentic, card-signed Autograph cards in the set! We are really excited to include Autographs for some of the very talented cast that work on the show, and will announce signers as soon as we have actual cards back in house. Insert ratios are still to be determined.

Because we are including Season 4 in the set, which is scheduled to air starting January 17th, we are looking to release this set Fall 2013. Be sure to check back with us for more information and card images!

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Archer's Slightly Darker Black Turtleneck - that made me truly laugh out loud. Big Grin

This set sounds very cool. Can't wait to get details.

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I like that they aren't shying away from the "Mature" content. I've just started watching this and it is clearly targeting the adult audience.
I wonder how "Mature" they will allow for the sketches.

This set just jumped up a couple of notches on my list of upcoming products.

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The fake memorabilia cards are hilarious! I usually shy away from things like manufactured patches and such, but this is just too brilliant! I can't wait to get my hands on these cards! And I also can't wait to see who signs and the insertion ratios. If all looks swell then this will be an easy case buy for me.
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A dear favorite show of mine! Glad to see it making it to cards. Can't wait!
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