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I think if you cant make a cut look nice than leave it alone. I could have made two separate cards from these that would have looked presentable.

Still, this pile was worth $700 to someone.

Just because it's rare doesn't mean it's valuable.
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And just pasting the badly mismatched cuts on the back of a TOPPS Star Wars base card just makes the "custom" even more shoddy. Yet it sold anyway, probably at enough of a profit over the cost of the raw materials assembled and the authentication fee to inspire more of them to be offered. Frown

To each his own, but there is no point in comparing card sales to established rules anymore. The hobby rules never were very strong or binding to begin with and now they are just ignored when the latest hype or trend emerges and money flows in, not for the merit of the item, but for how much demand can be talked up and for how long.

If you like autograph cards, and you are faced with wanting an expensive signer, I am all for getting the "off-brand" certified card that is not in the best set, or has the best character role, or the best photo. As long as the card is licensed, the signature is genuine and undamaged, you can have the same autograph for a fraction of the cost of "best" cards. Only many collectors will balk at that, preferring the best or nothing, because sensible alternatives never get hyped. Big Grin
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