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Thanks for the photos. Before you posted them, I was wondering if I really had seen one of those. When I saw one for sale a couple of years ago, I noted it but didn't copy the photos.

Originally posted by cardaddict:
Here is my Halle Berry unsigned autograph card. I have a lot of the redemption cards, but none of them has Halle Berry's name on it, that is a new one to me.

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Nice card if it was printed in anticapation of Berry signing there is the U K dealer that has all the Inkworks cards for sale and has the 7 signature redemption cards might have the unsigned ones too if as you say were all put in a box and saved just in case she signed although they advertise the redemption cards for sale they do not have the unsigned ones advertised but no harm in enquiring
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In the illogical way that this hobby works I would imagine that the unsigned Berry would be a fairly valuable card just from the standpoint of being a rare card. I knew it existed, but I can't recall ever seeing it before and I didn't know of anyone who actually owned it. So congrats on that Cardaddict.

I would rather doubt that the original dealer who bought up Inkworks' stock would still have some, if he ever did have them. While the card might be rare, demand would be very specific and kind of limited too. Its one of those things where a lot of people might like the idea of having it, but only a few would pony up any big money for it. If a dealer had them he probably sold to private collectors long ago when Berry herself was much more in demand than now, but still maybe a Holy Grail for the collector who wants everything.
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Halle Berry had a promising career, when she won the Oscar in 2001 for Monster's Ball.

Unfortunately, maybe due to contractual obligations, she got stuck doing the X-Men films, and the Bond film "Die Another Day" in 2002, which was terrible. All of this, plus Catwoman, sunk her career as she went from being a dramatic actress to just being known for action films.

By the mid-2010s, she was reduced to doing TV shows, and hasn't had a hit movie in many, many years
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The Inkworks Catwoman autos are A1 to A5 and A7 ? There is no A6 ?
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There is no A6 and the 'number' of the Berry auto card is a cat's eye.

I know who I bought the card from, but I do not remember what I paid for it.
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