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want a good laugh ?
go have a look on ebay at leaf pop century masterwork sketchs such as a katey sagal, ed o`neil plus many more if you don't laugh at the shocking quality you need santa to bring you new bi-foculs for christmas
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Ouch! A few are good. The Jim Kyle Billy Idol is awesome but yeah, there are a few in there that are rough.
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I really wasn't looking for these, so thanks for mentioning them.

I think that artists have their own styles and their own strengths. Not all artists, even good ones, can draw portraits of people from pictures. I would go so far as saying that life like portraits might be the hardest sketches because we already know what they are supposed to look like, and when they don't, it's obvious. You have to appreciate the effort, if not always the results. Wink

It's true that many of those sketches now on auction don't look all that good, but the prices on most that I saw are not that high either. You are getting an authentic autograph, be it a sticker. A few sketches weren't bad at all, so it really depends. I think some collectors will be happy to pick up lower range cards, even with sub-par sketches.

The greater gamble to me seems to be in buying the sealed box or case. Going by the average sketch and the average celebrity name it may be harder to get good value on random boxes in this product given it's price point.
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The drawings are indeed hit and miss, but it's a pretty good list of signers. Ned and Sansa Stark from Game of Thrones, Tim Curry from Rocky Horror, Linda Blair, Joan Collins, and Jerry Lewis.

I thought all 4 of the Billy Idols currently listed are pretty good. I think the more unusual someone's "look" is, the easier they are for the average artist to capture, and some of these artists are pretty average, haha.

Kyle did do some nice work for sure, and Gary Kezele hit his out of the park, like usual. He is superb at likenesses.

Leaf did these last year. I remember seeing a couple of Al Pacino from that series, and those looked pretty good, and they've got some more of him for this series.

I think the Topps Stars Wars Galaxy line was the first to have sketch cards autographed by the person depicted.

I just love this one that I've had since before any of these official ones were released:

It's signed by Katey Sagal herself and the sketch was from Mark Dos Santos at the Inkworks booth at Comic-Con in 2007. The drawing combines Peg from "Married With Children" with Leela, the character she voiced on "Futurama". If I ever run into Dos Santos again, I'm going to see if he can do something to the drawing that alludes to her character Gemma on "Sons of Anarchy", which she's now added to her list of classic TV characters.

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