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Panini Video Cards
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Panini Video Trading Cards

Video trading cards prove that the geeks have finally beaten the jocks.

Panini, the venerable card and sticker company, is going high-tech with its trading cards. Panini will now sell you video trading cards.

Panini HRX (Highlight Reel Xperience) cards were developed with Recom, a company that makes video name badges and other screen-based promo gear. The cards will actually still be made from card, although they’ll be thicker than regular trading cards and will have an “HD quality” a screen covering part of the front. The 2GB cards will come preloaded with a highlight reel showing footage of the sportsman in question — Kobe Bryant, Blake Griffin, Kevin Durant and John Wall — and these people will also autograph some cards.

The video cards will not be for sale directly. You will buy a pack of five regular cards for $20 and some of these packs will have a voucher redeemable for a video card inside.

At least they have one saving feature: they’re rewrite-able. The press release says that you can also use the rechargeable cards to carry documents and other data. It can’t be long before one of the nerds gets a hold of a jock’s cards and reprograms his dumb basketball player video to show sweet, sweet footage of Stephen Hawking, or even Sheldon Cooper. Those are some real heroes.

Panini’s HRX cards launch in June.

Panini Introduces HRX, the Industry’s First Video Trading Card [Panini press release]

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perfect genre for this tech.... adult cards Red Face
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One cool idea I read that someone had was to have this on autograph cards, showing the person signing that particular card. . . Could potentially done as a time lapse for sketch cards as well.
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