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Originally posted by Raven:
Originally posted by tangent:
2 cards per pack means that the episode cards are rarer than some autos.

Excellent observation and it goes against one of the major reasons why premium packs were supposedly created, namely to add value to the base set. In actual fact there is no base set, all the cards are premium hits.

Yet I can't see myself searching for episode cards and buying them at autograph or costume prices, even if they are rarer. Rather than increase the base/insert set value, I think many people won't even try to finish it. Hope that makes sense, I had to read it twice myself. Wink

Nope,that makes perfect sense.With Spartacus I just bought the autograph cards I wanted off various dealers or Ebay and never bothered with any of the other cards.IMO this is a halfway house that misses both targets of those that want just the premium cards and those that want a base set but don't want a lot of duplicate cards.

Credit to Rittenhouse for trying something different but I prefer either the Breygent or 5Finity models.
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I understand the need to try new things but I wish that RA had offered two different types of packs for this (and WH 13 Season 2). One with a $20-$25 price point that would be the complete base set and a costume card or insert. Another at $30 which would be an autograph card, costume card and insert. I could live with paying $20-$25 for a base set (assuming it's at least 50 cards) but I'm not paying $25 or more for a pack when I don't collect autograph or costume cards.

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I would be happy if there were a limited amount of unnumbered base sets available at $20/25.
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I think that the premium pack idea is a good one, but it really has taken the base set in the opposite direction -- instead of a $3 base set, it's literally $3 a card. I tried to pick up the holes in my SGU set at Comic Con, but I sure can't afford to do it when I need 12 cards, and trading is pretty much impossible. If Rittenhouse would increase the number of base cards to 4 or 5 per pack, it would definitely be better for collectors who can only afford to pick up a few packs and grab a few extras on eBay or at a random convention. I certainly don't envy Rittenhouse -- other than a few hundred core collectors, who even wants base sets? I mean, I would probably be considered a pretty hardcore collector, and I rarely flip through any of my base sets unless they are Star Trek or Stargate.

I was planning on picking up a couple of packs of Eureka, but I have hit some pretty severe money problems so I will be forced to skip it (and probably anything else for the forseeable future). Normally I would pick up a base set, but it will just be too expensive. Hopefully I can just scrape together the money and pick up an autograph from Neil Grayston or Colin Ferguson.

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