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Simpsons Sketch Card
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I have Simpsons Sketch Card. SK6, Rich Moore. A color sketch of Marge Simpson. I am the original owner of the card. Any idea what it might be worth?

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$150 is a start.$200 if your very lucky!!
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There are 2 artists in out of the 9 in this set who's cards routinely sell for $300+. They are:

Phil Ortiz and Rich Moore.

So congrats on having a Moore!

All of the others are worth about $150 currently except for those by Jim Reardon. While he is a VERY accomplished director with many classic Simpsons episodes to his credit, his sketches tended to be very simple Barts with almost no variation, so his is the only sketch card from this set you can get for as little as $100.

These sketch cards, unlike the ones in more modern sets, were found only 2-3 per case (1 per 4 boxes). And those odds from a product that was limited to begin with, and was an almost immediate sell out has caused very stable (and high) prices on these from day one.

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