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Google PhotoScan
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Google has released a new app for Android and iOS today called PhotoScan. It's main intent is a quick and easy way to scan and digitize old photographs. Course I got to thinking and wondering if it could be used for trading cards. It works just fine in my very quick test. It's also pretty fast so if you had a number of cards to "scan", you could make quick work of it. And it trims your image right to the card's edge.

This would be nice for those who do not have a scanner but want to get a photo of a card online for eBay, Facebook, etc. In my quick test (I only got a chance to try and card front and back), the "scan" was better then what you would get via just using your phone's camera but not as good as a dedicated scanner.

Anyway, thought I would put it out there for those who might be interested....

Google PhotoScan
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I just downloaded it and gave it a try. It actually works really well. Thanks for the heads-up, Harris!


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Thanks for the tip -- the results are impressive.
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