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Autograph Advice
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I have over 500 Rittenhouse autos, which I keep in 100 count plastic boxes, as I am so afraid to put them in binders, assuming that the pages will eventually bend them

Do they make any binders with solid, hard backs behind the pages ? I don't want to make anything on my own, as I don't have the time, plus I'd have to do over 70 backings to protect the sheets. Any advice ?
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well firstly I think you are worrying about nothing. Dealers keep all their stock in binders and if there was a chance of it being ruined they wouldn't do it.

The only thing I can think for you is to get a binder and alternate 9 pocket pages with one pocket pages then put stiff card in the one pockets.

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the ultra pro company now do a pro-binder . it is a lot thicker and the cards slide in to the pockets side ways in to nine pocket pages .they have stronger backing between each page most gamers now use these they have a set number of pages and cant be added to but I find the great for collecting autos in because they fit autos in the larger of the penny sleeves with ease and with being thicker give greater protection.
cost about £14. I have seen them at most collectors shops even waterstones book shops
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This is how I look at it and it is just my opinion based on my own experiences, so don't consider it advice.

I have kept all of my regular sized autograph cards in binders with Ultra-Pro Platinum 9 pocket pages for years and years. The binders are stored flat on top of each other. No cards have bowed because of the binders, unless they were manufactured in a process that had a slight bow to begin with.

The main concern for autograph cards is actually not the binder, but the pages. You have the autograph ink, you have the chemicals in the plastic pages, you have ultra-violet light, you have moisture and you have temperature changes. It is chemical interactions, moisture and light that you have to worry about more than the binder backing. If the autograph fades or runs it really doesn't matter what the card condition is otherwise.

So many autograph collectors go through a big routine with penny sleeves and other storage materials. I don't do that. I just keep the binders away from light, at room temperature and use the Platinum brand of pages. I handle the cards carefully and don't notice any fading or streaking of signatures on my stuff, even after many years. That doesn't mean other preventative measures are unnecessary, it's just my way.

Whatever makes a collector feel safer about his/her cards or autographs is what works for them.
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Raven, are the Platinum pages the "regular" Ultra Pro sheets ?

I store all of my promo cards in the Ultra Pro sheets, in binders, and I have noticed recently that in one particular binder that has all of the promos that Rittenhouse has released over the past 8-9 years, the sheets are not as flat as they used to be. They seem to be folding a bit

Therefore, I am reluctant to put 500 James Bond autos of Daniel Craig, Brosnan, Roger Moore, and all of the rest in a similar binder, if I will discover 10-20 years from now that they are not flat

I wish they did something where you could put them in toploaders and then a binder, but I guess you'd need a lot of 4 pocket sheets for those, and numerous binders. One binder would probably hold 100 cards tops, and you'd also have to tape the sheets shut, so the toploaders and cards don't slide out
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Well first of all David, congratulations on having those Bond autograph cards. I can certainly understand why you would want to protect them in the best way you can.

Because this topic has come up before, I know that there are several members here who have very specific ideas about card storage. I am more easy going about it and am a lot more concerned about preserving the autograph, less so about the card grade, especially since I don't sell anything.

Ultra-Pro Platinum pages are marked. There are cheaper pages from Ultra-Pro and from other manufacturers. I switched all my autograph cards out of those cheaper pages long ago. It is important to try to use archival safe products. I am more worried about chemical breakdown then anything else, but binders can't be overloaded, they have to lay flat and cards should not be moved around to keep the pocket tight. Stay away from light.

If you have autograph cards that are super expensive it might be wise not to put them in general collection binders at all. I'm sure you will get a lot of advice about that from collectors who prefer to use the screwdowns and slabs for their cards.
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There is a company that makes binders that come with 6 pocket pages sized to hold top loaders. I have never seen them in person so I can't comment on the quality. They are an odd size.

I keep almost all of my cards in soft sleeves and Ultra Pro platinum pages. There is one soft sleeve that is the perfect size for a card and will fit in the page without any bulging.

Ultra pro does make a 4 pocket page that would hold top loaders. Lot of wiggle room but it would work.
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Like Raven, I keep them in binders lying on there side up in my cupboard so the cards are flat and in the dark.

I keep all my autos in two binders, two of the big Buffy Ultimate Collection ones, they go into penny sleeves, then straight into the Ultra Pro Platinum Pages.
I don't actually keep them with there respective sets, as I like to keep all my really expensive cards together just in case there is a fire or something and I have to grab them in a hurry.
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If you Google, Toploader Binder, you'll find the binders that hold toploads. Not allowed to make a direct link here.

I used to carry them myself, but between shipping a a small dealer discount it just wasn't worth competing with the manufacturer selling them direct.

The binders are not really unique. They are 4" Legal Size 3-Ring Binders. It's the pages that are unique and the biggest expense.

That said, the pages are NOT archival safe and will eventually become brittle. But that's with 15 years of using them as display binders at shows. Archival safe is not really a problem if the card is already in an archival safe sleeve and topload.

You can get 40 pages into one of their binders if you only have standard thickness cards. So that's 40x6= 240 autos per binder.

I like them and keep my Crystal sketch collection in one.


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